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Planet Vegeta was a planet in Dragon Ball Z. It was destroyed by Freiza because the Saiyans were starting to rebel.

Rise and Fall

Planet Vegeta was in the South Galaxy. The capital of Planet Vegeta was Saiyan/Tuffle City because it was the capital of both the Tuffles and the Saiyan Empires


Aborted Revival

A second Planet Vegeta was created on the ruins of Planet Pingas. Broly's father Paragus invited Vegeta to be its king. The planet was a trap to get revenge for Vegeta's father trying to kill Paragus and Broly. On New Planet Vegeta, Paragus was killed by Broly. It was destroyed when a huge comet collided with it.

Neo-Saiyan Empire

A third Planet Vegeta was created when the Saiyans conqured Baby's attempt to create another Tuffle Planet. It was conquered the same way as the first Planet Vegeta. Including another massacre of the Machine Mutant/Tuffle society, and a Neo-Saiyan Empire was formed with Broly as its king.

Broly took the name Caligula after he read the book, Caligula for President. The Neo Saiyan Empire/Constitution was created as a update to the original constitution of Planet Vegeta to declared the Neo Saiyan Empire an absolute monarchy with a state religion, a pervasive secret police known as the NSA (National Surveillance Agency) and a large military with the emperor having his own battalion known as Caligula's Fist.

End of its Wars

The first order of business was to revived all Saiyans killed by Freiza. Broly created an empire with a small planet with the remainder of Celestria's supporters, and they took over Planet Miley to finally end the war between the Saiyans and Miley Cyrus. Broly took over all planet close to Planet Vegeta itself.

Massacre of the Tuffles

The Tuffles were the original ruling culture of Planet Vegeta. The Saiyan rose up and declared war against the Tuffle. The Saiyans were led by King Vegeta and General Nappa (god dammit Nappa!)The war lasted for many years, but it ended because the Saiyans turned into the mighty Oozaru and The Saiyans destroyed the Tuffles, and took over the planet.



Saiyan Survivors

Broly escapes and fled to Earth. He fled Earth because of Scarlet Witch wanting to marry and make love to him.

Goku protected the Earth until he infected China with Ebola

Vegeta fled to Earth, marries Bulma, and has two kids. Trunks and Bulla

Saiyan Flag.jpg

Saiyans Born on Planet Vegeta

  • Broly
  • Vegeta
  • Goku
  • Paragus
  • Turles

History of the Monarchs of Planet Vegeta

  • The Tuffle King (original king of Planet Vegeta)
  • King Vegeta
  • Freiza (Supreme Leader)
  • Prince Vegeta
  • Broly (First Emperor of Neo-Saiyan Empire)
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