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"Oh Good Show!"
– Pops in his "state of mind"

Pops was a creepy, mentally retarded lollipop from Regular Show. Pops has a condition where he finds everything negative as a positive thing. He is, however one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse. In Season 8, he is revealed to be the 'Chosen One' and 'The Embodiment of Pure Good' and is the brother of Anti-Pops as both siblings were born on the planet Lolliland. He died in the series finale of Regular Show to save the universe and end the cycle of universe destruction and reborn in every 14 billions years


Pops was born sometime in the 1940's making him an old fuck of over 60 years. He worked at the park up to 1980's where he got smacked in the head so hard, he became a mental retard. His father became disappointed. He found everything wonderful. He continues to work in the retarded park. Some time between the 1980's and 2000's, he was a Spartan but was kicked out because of his happy mentality. Pops also never has any idea of what's going on whatsoever.


Pops literally acts as if he just smoked weed or cocaine with crack. He finds the world a "perfect place" even though it isn't. He is also an avid metrosexual. Just a ball of sunshine.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Butterflies
  • People noticing his "junk mail"
  • Getting butt raped by Benson
  • Gay
  • Drugs
    • Marijuana especially
  • Happiness
  • Shit-o-pops (Shit-flavored lollipops which Pops uses to scam his victims and eat it)
  • Quartz, Partment, Shears - A Death Penalty Paper Rock Scissors
  • My Little Ponys
  • Main Six
  • Angry Birds


Since Pops is a happy douche, he can't have any dislikes. He is a super faggo for this reason.


  • It is possible that after the Regular Show finale, [redacted] collected his remains to create Breadwinners (which would explain why they look like Regular Show rip-offs).
    • It is unknown if they did the same with his brother, Anti-Pops.
  • In an alternate reality, both Pops and Anti-Pops were killed by Black Hat from Villainous.
    • It is unknown if he and The Black Hat Organization are affiliated with [redacted] (because if they are, God help us).
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