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Prince Charming as intended by his creators: Vapid and Annoying

Prince Charming" or "Gaylord Falker" was a love interest of every single cunt Disney movie ever made, especially for Cinderella in the 1950 film  Cinderella  and its one million sequels. He was intended to appeal to the gay community at the time of the film's release, though that never went anywhere.


In the early 1940s, Walt Disney hired a team of homosexuals to turn the story of Cinderella into a future money grabbing machine. In that time, the creators snorted a load of cocaine and came up with this pile of vomit for a character to "appeal" to gay audiences of Disney. They intended to portray him as the "white-face" of homosexuals everywhere, but Walt noticed this, and gave the prince a lobotomy and made him into the dumbest vapid lady boy the world had ever seen. He was then forced to audition for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and made out with his first 14 year old to break a witch's spell, but was then charged with pedophillia. In 1950, he finally gave up and went to live in his elderly father's (King Wilford Brimley's) basement for the following nine seconds until the ball, where he met Cillerenda. It was there when he developed a shoe fetish, and used her somehow still intact glass slipper to find a random bimbo who could fit into said glass footwear.

A retarded form of him was created, a villain also known as a Prince "retard" Charming that DreamWorks created as a enemy to Shrek. He tried to steal Shrek's girl's booty and Shrek raped him as his first victim.