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Prince Laval (born January 16th, 1462), is an and a character of Legends of Chima. He is the prince of Chima who, for some reason, conquered Palestine according to a certain meme. He appeared first to be playful and very brave, but was, in reality, a stereotypically spoiled prince.


Laval and his friend, Cragger used to play with each other, but when Cragger stole a CHI Orb, their friendship ended and a war broke out.

In 1960, he banished all types of modernity from Chima, turning it into an ancient fantasy world.


Laval is known to be cruel, spoiled, abusive, narcissistic, arrogant and rude towards his subjects. One time, he ordered his musician to play Under Pressure but banished him when he played Ice Ice Baby instead.


  • He was unknowingly betrothed to Princess Celestia but due to a legality, they had to divorce.
  • Whenever anyone did not follow his orders, he banished them immediately.
  • He forces Wolves to hunt down innocent animals for feasts



  • When things go wrong
  • Elizabeth Swann
  • Sharing dinner with Harkinian (OAH!)
  • All of Joffrey's haters
  • Frollo
  • Chess with Hades
  • Joss Whedon