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Pyro is the archenemy of the Spy. His hobbies including burning things, setting things on fire and killing people with his flamethrower. his gender is unknown.....until recently. In fact he thinks that fire is Rainbow, Scorch Shot is a Bubble Blower and Fire Axe is a lollipop and the opponent team is cherubs.

Basic Weapons

  • Flamethrower: Used short-range for burning his enemies to a crisp. Can also blow people back.
  • Shotgun: Ugh, another shotgun...anyhow, used for slightly longer ranges.
  • Axe: A novelty from Pyro's time as a failure of a firefighter, now for hacking open your ribcage instead of a locked door. Although, most firefighters use axes like that anyway.


  • Backburner: Replacing your Flamethrower, it does more damage when you burn the backs of enemies at the expense of your airblaster.
  • Flare Gun: Can set distant foes aflame. Replaces the Shotgun.
  • Axtinguisher: Does less damage normally than the Axe, but does 100% crit damage when they're on fire. You'd figure the barbed wire alone would do more damage, right?

The Gender Conspiracy

The Pyro's gender has always been under debate, until a man in the real world named Matthew Patrick released a theory video showing and proving that the Pyro is a gay male. The video is called "Game Theory: The TF2 Pyro: Male or Female?"