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Realistic Mr Krabs.png
Realistic Mr. Krabs
Full Name
Aliases Mr. Krabs
Background Information
Hometown Bikini Bottom
Status Morphed to the Mr. Krabs that we know and love
Likes Money
Occupation None
Alignment Pure Neutral
Source SpongeBob SquarePants
Appearances Feral Friends
Sexual Orientation Unknown (Most likely Straight)
Religion None
Physical Description
Species Money Crab
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair Color None
Fur Color None
Feather Color
Eye Color Black eye stalks
Height Shorter than Mr. Krabs
Weight Lighter than Mr. Krabs
Breast Size None
Power Level 10
Family Brothers


  • Yeti Krabs
  • King Krabs
  • Princess Pearl
  • William Krabs
  • Prehistoric Krabs
Enemies Realistic Mrs. Puff (Possibly)
Date Joined

Realistic Mr. Krabs is a devolved varient of Mr. Krabs. He does scuttle around and has pinched Realistic Mrs. Puff in the mouth.


After the curse of the Neptune's Moon, Mr. Krabs has been morphed into a realistic money crab. Because he is a money crab, he still likes money, but he can't reach his safe. He turned back to normal when Neptune's Moon disappeared.


  • He still retains his behavior before he was morphed.
  • He is the same size, if not smaller than Plankton.
  • He is one of the many SpongeBob characters that has been morphed to realistic creatures. The others are SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Pearl, Mrs. Puff, Larry, and the background fish.
  • Despite being a devolved version, he still knows and likes money.