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– RS Superman punching Girl Scouts

RS Super "Punk"
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Bitch please






Killing, Russia, Ratigan, SpongeBob, Mario Brothers


El Grande Padre, Nyan Cat, Murica, The USA Superman, A Brony who blew up him, Russian Waldo, Bowser


Punching kids (especially girls), Stalking Billy Mays, mocking at Russian Waldo and Superman (the american version)

RS Superman is the Russian version of Superman. He is a genetically modified clone of Superman that was created after World War 54. He was created to serve Russia and Russia only. He is 65x more OP than the normal Superman but still the weakest Russian alive.


Unlike the other Superman who spent his time sorting out pure cocaine, this Superman believed in only two things: Hail Russia and Hail Ratigan. Unfortunately, since he was the only Ratiganist in the country, he was often bitch slappes by little kids. At age 250, he realized he was meant to be a stripper. For the next 400 years of his life, he would be Russia's #1 stripper, until Russian Waldo went to the place and eventually beat RS Superman just because he wanted to.

Russian Waldo

At age of 600, Superman seeked revenge against Russian Waldo, who thanks to him Superman was now a one-eyed. However, Superman took so much time to realize that he was not actually finding Waldo, but Waldo was finding him. The only thing that Superman found that day was to be beat again by Russian Waldo and being thrown to a trash bin as the trash he is.

World War 60

In the year 7080, Superman was sent to war with Arabia. Since he threatened the wrong brony there, they got into a fistfight which resulted in him getting blow up. After having his victory ensured, Deadpool used dynamite to rob the bank of Arabia and get away with punching the little girls scouts as well.


He died at age 666 from his horrible wounds. He was incredibly unpopular, so the citizens of Russia thanked him by sending him through a car crusher, burning him, and feeding his ashes to Bowser. Bowser then shit him out through the world's smallest toilet. The turd then was sent to a sewer system plant. The giant turd is now able to be seen at the Natural History Museum of Shit.