Resident Evil 4 YTP Part 1 Leon gets the wrong airplane-0

Resident Evil 4 YTP Part 1 Leon gets the wrong airplane-0

Resident Evil 4 YTP Part 1 Leon gets the wrong airplane  is a YTP uploaded by Some Guy Dadamage in 28 of October of 2016, the suppoused part 1 out of 3 parts of a YTP that never happened, as much as it has been teased about.

The video was Dadamage's first big hit, inspiring him to really continue making YTPs (Albeit in a very slow pace), getting 2000 views in the first month, which to this day is almost his highest. The video managed to get 100k views around December 2019, almost 3 years after release, being his most popular video.


Everything about the sequel

Since the video release back in 2016, in the end it clearly says "FIND OUT IN THE NEXT PART OF THIS YTP", and after that, a disclaimer on how this video wouldn't even reach 1000 views, despite now having over a hundred times of that, thus it has always been implied that Dadamage would make a sequel. However, over 3 years later there is still nothing done about it, but it has been teased multiple times, here are some cases of this:

He also constantly talks about it in Twitter, and personally in Discord.

Why it has been delayed so much?

Part 2 has been planned from the very day the video was finished, but due to many complications, it has been delayed multiple times, after the three first YTPs, he wanted to work on YTPs people asked him to do, so he did Power Rangers: Homophobic Battle , after a bit of a hiatus he started working in his "Next big YTP" a Star Wars one after which he wanted to deliver Part 2, around November 2017, which he planned releasing next month, but the video prooved too complicated to advance much, and with this he had a year without uploading, trying to work on it but because of said complications didn't advanced much. After returning in the middle of 2018, when the year ended Part 2 was teased for the first time, and then said that he would finish this Star Wars YTP first, but all the way until October, the video was still on development andjust a trailer was released , with a real tease for part 2, but after not getting much reception for it, he once again stopped working on the video.


  • I was really bored doing this page. Hey, it's my biggest creation I guess.
  • This technically isn't the first YTP Dadamage worked on, as he started first on the Spiderman Pizza Time one thinking into making it a small meme video, in which Peter gets motivated by Mr. Aziz to go and deliver the Pizza, but somehow ended up extending it further and further until he said "Ok, this is a YTP now". The original shitpost was inspired by this video NEVER GIVE UP YOUR WAAAAAAAAAAAAY , which is still in the very beggining of the video.
    • For some reason, in the middle of making the Spiderman 2 YTP he started working on the Resident Evil 4 YTP, even before finishing it before the Spiderman 2 one.
  • Just like most of his videos, the ending of the video was rushed, this time to be delivered right before the elections.
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