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Rick-Pat Himself

Rick-Pat, sometimes called "Fagtrick", "Patrixxx", "Evil Patrixxx" or "Morbid Patrick", is a slightly smarter and much fatter alternate form of the regular Patrick Star. Rick-Pat is a very annoying and temperamental greedy whore who demands random people for large amounts of food. He even holds personal vendettas against people who steal his food. He also does not like to be lied to and threatens legal action to those that do.

Rick-Pat is friends with Spengbab and Squishward.


Rick-Pat was created when the dumbass known as Patrick Star and his friend SpongeBob SquarePants ran away from Bikini Bottom, because they stole a balloon and murdered it. The two ate candy bars over an underwater fire that they invented. Patrick ate his bar, but the pink idiot thought that SpongeBob did when he saw that it was gone. Patrick was so mad that his hunger created a demon called Rick-Pat that took over his body. He tried to eat SpongeBob, but he got arrested by the police. However, they let the two go after a few seconds, because they killed a balloon... on Free Balloon Day. Patrick went back to normal after that, but then the police gave the boys lollipops, and Patrick once again accused SpongeBob of eating his. This brought back Rick-Pat, and this time, nothing happened that could fend him off.



Rick-Pat has many thick layers of pink blubber that may appear repulsive, but actually help him survive extreme temperatures in the wilderness. Despite his short legs, he is a very fast runner, but runs out of energy quickly.