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"Give me your money!"
– Ronnie McDoggle

Joker, Kefka and Ronald McDonald about Ronnie

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Ronnie McDoggle is a fast food clown, the owner of McDoggles, and a character from Fat Pizza. He ordered the Small Hawaiian Pizzas, But Bobo said "We Don't make small pizzas, Only Medium or Large." But all that clown wants is a small one. Over an Hour later, he still hasn't gotten his Small Hawaiian Pizzas and he was very frustrated at Bobo, and when he finally got his Small Hawaiian Pizzas, the Pizzas were cold. He was originally from the Fat Pizza episode, Freaky Pizza. He stands at 5'11. He got married in 2003 and divorced in 2011. He kidnapped Pedobear one time. Ronnie McDoggle is bisexual, once fucked a female Nazi, and has been fucked by Shrek.

The Movie

This version of Ronnie McDoggle is a lot different from the one above. 

Ronnie McDoggle from the Movie

The Difference is, He looks a lot more like Ronald McDonald except he has orange hair & Overalls, Brown Shoes and he's Greek. Ronnie McDoggle (the one above) had Red hair (like Ronald McDonald has), with a Red & Yellow top, Checkered-coloured Shorts and same boots as this Ronnie McDoggle (from the movie). This Ronnie McDoggle right here, In fact he's Greek, He also has his own army, and it's his clones, 40 billions of them. Pauly thought the clown was supposed to be Scottish-American man, But he was WRONG!!!


  • "Small Hawaiian Pizzas"
  • "Where's my Small Hawaiian?"
  • "an hour an hour an hour"
  • "Look what you did to my McCar. You McF*cked it!"
  • "You're F*cking D*ck!"
  • "A Small Hawaiian Okay!"



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