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Rusty Krap today

The Rusty Krap is a restaurant which is rusty as crap and the creator, Wampa Krabs still has it today as one of the most evil restaurants in all YTP history, being even worse than The Krab Krusty.


Wampa Krabs founded the Rusty Krap when he created the Nasty Patty a time before.Evil Abed Approved it Plus that it had over 9,000 customers everyday.


Moar Krabs Vandalized the Nasty Patties to taste like s***, made the Rusty Krap be Rusty (for real) and also switched the chairs with dead shoplifters. Then, Wampa Krabs (being the dick he is) rebuilt the place and make it taste like pingas to Moar Krabs was furious for what Wampa did.


It looks like The Krusty Krab but the building is rusty and has a copper color to it. There are worms and parasites everywhere of the restaurant that are clearly seen for having the size of a Human. The possibilities of surviving a night here is s*** and a morbid, evil and despicable excuse of Wampa Krabs to prevent that Rusty Krap got destroyed.


It looks like what would an drugged person see inside (An rainbow sex dungeon) because MOAR vandalized the Rusty Krap when he tried to destroy the place using the "Project S" a cheap copy of the Project P, but it didn't work. The Rusty Krap is ugly and hideous, just seeing its ugliness is enough to burn your eyes if you look at it for many minutes.

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