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She may seem, attractive until you realize: she is a fucking idiot.

S.E. Cupp is a radical conservative. She is one of the higher up members of the Tea Party, despite being an "atheist".


She was born in 1902. She joined various movements to try to continue racism, and Anarcho-capitalism. By the 1980s, she got AIDS, after having a lesbian threesome in her 80s.

She later made a deal with Satan. If she pretended to be an atheist, she would be cured of AIDS and become immortal. She accepted the deal, but due to her idiocracy, she remained against atheism as she was a member of the tea party.


Unlike most radical conservatives, she somehow is on CNN (A superficially liberal news outlet). She plays the anti-science idiot that comes on, denying climate change, and other stuff. She is an active part in the downfall of humanity.