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"They were...disgusting!"
– SCP-682





Evil (formerly), Neutral






Killer Lizard

SCP-682 is a giant killer lizard and the only one who is more invincible than Chuck Norris. SCP-682 is one of the many anomalies contained by the SCP Foundation. His best ability is being highly adaptive and partially immortal, seeing as he grew tentacles when he fought SCP-096 and he grew eyes like Argus Filch when confronted by SCP-173, which acts like a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who.


After his creation by the SCP Foundation, SCP-682 learned about the meaning of absolute power, however, he was abused by other SCPs in the corporation day and night without stopping, being seen when he was in the bathroom and when he was fapping, everything he did was illegal and he didn't know it. One day, (despite being bullied by the others) SCP-682 usurped the company with the other SCPs killing many of SCP members, doctors, guards and bathroom cleaners (yes, nobody was safe that day). The last members of the corporation tried to escape in a helicopter on the roof of the building. However, when they thought they were safe, SCP-682 shot a rocket launcher from his ass destroying the helicopter and killing the last members of the foundation.

The Betrayal

SCP-682 and the other SCPs made a party to celebrate the death of their creators. The SCPs drank in favor of SCP-682 and his magnificent plan. Then, when eveybody was sleeping the SCPs beat up SCP-682 for unknown reasons and left him half dead. In the morning SCP-682 had already regenerated and was found by Koridans trying to bring him to the Great Mighty Poo. However, when they checked his mouth, SCP-682 devoured them, killing them in the process. When the police arrived, SCP-682 explained that they were disgusting.


After being interrogated by the police of Koridai, SCP-682 killed them and destroyed the police station. SCP-682 left the country and traveled around the world to found the other anomalies who betrayed him in the past. When he found them, SCP-682 furiously wanted an explanation of why they attacked him in the midnight, the SCPs replied saying that they were drunk that day and they didn't know what they were doing. SCP-682 then did the most incredible facepalm in his life.



  • All races, religions, countries and worlds
  • SCP Foundation
  • SCP-178
  • Mobians
  • Sonic
  • Human stupidity
  • Stupid people trying to destroy him
  • SCP-096