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Sally Acorn

Sally Acorn was the leader of the FFARP (Freedom Fighters Against Robotnik's Pingas). She was well known for not wanting Christmas presents, which deems her insane by professionals. For years she worked hard to liberate bring down Dr. Robtonik's Pingas Empire, and re-establish Mobius.


Sally was born into Royalty to king Acorn of Mobius. However, after Dr. Robotnik took over Mobius and replaced it with the Pingas Kingdom. Sally, only five then, was re-located to the secret underground village of Knothole so she will be safe.

Years later, Sally took place as head of FFARP. Under her command, they worked hard to bring down Dr. Robotnik's empire. Eventually, Dr. Robotnik launched "Project: Endgame" which made every FFARP member question who's is on who's side.

Eventually, Endgame backfire which resulted in Dr. Robotnik's fall from power and exile from Mobius. Sally was then put in charge of re-establishing Mobius since your father is a lazy fatass (like Robotnik). She soon faced a huge problem: Robians.

Robians are a subspecies of Mobians that are constantly discriminated against in Mobius. Sally had to face the issue to stop the discrimination from dividing the country. She decided to make several adjustments to keep the Robians from leaving, but King Acorn was against them and wanted to exterminate every single Robian because he felt like it.

Fortunately, the council's majority voted against King Acorn's ruling removing him from head of state. Not only for advocating genocide, but also providing spaghetti without meatballs. They then ruled that Sally would become the new head of state, and re-instate the RRA.

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