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"I hate seeing people crying because of these guys, I want everyone to smile, So my...transformation."
– - Sam I Am in "Sam I am samples Greggs 2"

The monster himself

Sam I Am (also called Samus I Am) is the true main protagonist in the short "Green Eggs and Ham". Sam I Am represents love, recovery, and justice in all YTP World since his recovery at the hands of Rosalina and the gods of YTP. His evilness and good has been influenced in characters such as good characters. He was accepted into G.O.O.D for his dark work

Sam's 2019-Present Biography

Sam I Am was once a pure hearted boy who always helped his neighbor who always asked him for water for his flowers while he was wearing a cleavage. Soon, Sam I Am became the most loved boy in his neighborhood and was about to reach the record for being the most loved character in YTP happened. Sam I Am helped an old man who was hit by a car while he was crossing the wrong street. To thank him for his good deed, the old man gave to Sam a painfully and traumatic curse for the rest of his life. Since now, Sam I Am was going to ruin everyone's lives, enslaving and forcing them to eat the worst food in the world since Nasty Patty, Rosebud Frozen Peas and Nasty Burgers, Green Eggs and Ham to death. However, Sam noticed that a unnamed character was reading a newspaper without realizing about what was happening in the neighborhood. Sam tried to force the poor man to eat Green Eggs and Ham but the unnamed character achieved to avoid Sam many times until he collapsed. Furious by Sam's stupid appearances, the unnamed character told to Sam that he is nothing but shit just waiting to be killed and be eaten by worms. Sam got traumatized for a few hours and the unnamed character escaped from the neighborhood forever.


Sam continued his reign of death and disgrace in his neighborhood, killing kids and babies without mercy and sometimes he ate the babies even if they were alive or not. Then, Rosalina along with The Gods of YTP decided to end Sam once for all. A war started in YTP which was the most cruel and sad war in all YTP history. Sam was finally killed by Chuck Norris and Gandalf when they fused to form Gandorris. Gandorris then easily killed Sam using the sparta kick, Sam fell to his doom after being burned to death by the flames of his own tyranny of death. He was ressurected by Bill Cipher. and he was brought back by "They Never Given Me a Name" Guy.