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Saria is the greedy sage of the forest who lives in the Forest Temple with insane pay. She buys a lot of fancy cars and video games, not giving a cent to her poor fellow Kokiri who are suffering an economical crisis. She is even cheaper the Mr. Krabs.

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Before being unjustly appointed her powerful position, Saria would neglectfully raise the new children of the forest until they reached their full age. This includes Link, whom she would drop on the floor and forget to feed. A lot of her material possessions were received as gifts from the boys who would fawn over her, but she didn't care about them.

When a disastrous outbreak of monsters occurred in the forest, Saria left the Kokiri for dead, hid in the Forest Temple, and disturbed the home of the ghosts of the Poe Sisters. It is believed that ridding the forest of its monsters was the only service she has done for the community, but it was actually Link who did it all for a useless green coin.

She now stays in the temple that has been refurbished and extended so that only she could live in it. She does virtually nothing with her power to help the people of Hyrule and only plays with her PS4 and shows off her 2013 Mercedes C-Class. Her income which she does nothing to earn is taxpayer's money which has only fed her materialistic greed.