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Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg
Saudi Arabia
Background Information
Demonym Arabian, Arab
Capital Riad
Final Year
Population 48 million
Government Type Monarchy
Gini coefficient
Official Language Arabic
Current Leader Gwonam
National Anthem
Today Part of
Classification Desert


Record High
Record Low
Summer Temperature
Winter Temperature
Other Notes
Gross Domestic Product
GDP per capita
Working population
Unemployment rate
Exchange rate to the US-Dollar
Annual Military Spending
Budget per soldier
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Saudi Arabia is a nation founded by Osama Bin Laden during his reign of murder around the world until he died in the World War III. This nation is now a cool place to live since it's governed now by Gwonam. The state religion is Islam.

One of Frollo's many cousins happens to live here.


Discovery and conquest

When Osama Bin Laden made an expedition to the remote site, he was abused by bunches of bananas that called the place "Our Lady of Bananas". The natives were mostly monkeys, which was not much resistance to slavery colonization of the place. Then Osama burned everything that seemed to be golden and later returned to the old world in his home and discovered that they were actually objects made with banana peel. Osama returned to the place and decided to get rid all the monkeys giving them black water, then a time later they were intoxicated by the black water because the only thing they had to eat were bananas and had 300% more potassium than a human could withstand.

First crisis of bananas

Arabia's actual president since Osama's death.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a plague of insects who ate Saudi Arabian's asses that tasted like fruit to them, as well as the asses tasted also like eggs in which caused many people became sick, sometimes causing death. That made Osama to call a close friend before the insects ate all the asses. Then Osama just needed to use flamethrowers and burn all the insects himself.

Military dictatorship

Around the 1950s there was a fraud in the presidential election, because Osama found a new pingas gun filled with bananas marked for another candidate, and the army discovered that everything was an evil plan of a candidate of converting Arabia into a place for monkeys again by General Donkey Kong.

Civil war

A revolution happened against Osama, Hyrule sent an army to get rid many troops of Arabia, giving King Harkinian enough time to kill Osama using the Dinner Blaster. Saudi Arabia was declared a tourist center until Gwonam arrived to the place and soon with the pass of time was proclaimed president of Saudi Arabia.



Saudi Arabia has a friendly point with Hyrule. This is obvious due to Gwonam once lived here and fought against Ganon during a great war in which Hyrule won the war.

MMushroom Kingdom

Saudi Arabia has a friendly point with MK. However, MK (just like Bridge Town) also think that Osama Bin Laden's influence is still remaining in the nation. Morshu once told Link that he thinks Arabians need vacations.


Saudi Arabia and ISIS are both neutral.

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