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  Scar (voiced by Jeremy Irons) is the main villain of The Lion King. He was apparently killed off like a little bitch by Hercules after surviving getting eaten by his hyenas.


Scar is Simba's uncle, he planned to kill Mufasa, running over him in his Monster Truck while Mufasa walked the wrong way on the street. After making a few lies, Scar climbed to the throne, making protest and calling himself the legitimate president, wanting to remain as leader until he dies, settling into his political cabinet hyenas anxious to stay with good bone, plunging his people into poverty as he did every ever richer and more powerful while he stayed with all the lionesses yes, like <insert name of worst president in the history of your country here>).

Having grown up and realize the great political bone rightful, Simba returns to his ranch and fight the antagonist of his uncle, defeating him after tossing off the top rope and make it count 3 Then live happily ever after .. . Well, until Nala married and had her first cub.

Annoying for the defeat of Scar, hyenas with Hercules decided to pile on top of him and rape and eat him to avoid starvation.


THE LION KING 20th Anniversary Tribute- "The Madness of King Scar"

The True Madness of King Scar
He is try to make Nala his Queen


  • Mascara
  • Being effeminately gay
  • Turning landscapes into barren crapholes the size of east Texas
  • Bratigan
  • Having a stick up his ass all day
  • Eating Zazu for Brinner
  • Sensational news
  • Zira (Wife)
  • Pete

YTP Zazu Sings to Scar

Source of my added quotes


  • Hyenas To DIE!!!
  • Being surrounded by idiots
  • Mufasa
  • Simba
  • Zazu (he pissed off Scar by singing Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black)
  • Zazu's Family
  • Hercules (Killer)
  • Gaston
  • Frollo
  • You

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  • They think I'm Scooby Doo, Rhuh? Roh-kay!
  • No! No! Anything but that! (After Zazu sings crappy songs)
  • What did you say!? (Zazu pissing off Scar by singing Justin Bieber)