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"I am Scatman!"
– John Scatman describing himself


It's Scatman!!!

Scatman a.k.a. John Larkin or John Scatman is a musical man who turns out to be evil. He is the invisible man.

King Scatman

It is known King Harkinian he was replaced by Scatman (until his death) as King of Hyrule.

Crucifixion Plot

Once Scatman was king, he wanted his ruling for himself. He came up with a plot for Link to be crucified on a cross. He disguiesed himself as Harkinian to trick Link. He revealed himself and ordered for Link to die. After watching "Mama Luigi," Scatman orders Link to be crucified.

Scatman vs. the Plumbers

As Link is about to die, he screams for help, drawing Mario and Luigi's attention. After agreeing to save Link, Scatman pulls out a cannon and fires at the bros. When Mario deflects a bullet through his mirror, the blast hits the cannon, causing Scatman to fall into the water, which makes the bros. think Scatman died.

Killed by Toast

Scatman survives the crash and climbs up to the castle, stating, "You will Die!!!" and starts breathing like Darth Vader. But Mario pulls out his secret weapon: TOAST! He throws it at Scatman's head, causing him to lose balance and plummet to his death (crushing his head on the floor.)

Nice Scatman