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A "Force of Nature"


Team Fortress 2


Majority of Youtube Poops


Heavy, Medic, Soldier, Spy, SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Ed, Edd n Eddy, TF2 Team, Fluttershy, Jack Skellington, Santa Claus


BLU Team, Spy (sometimes), Black Hiver, Jack Skellington (formerly)


19 or 22

Scout is a character from Valve's Team Fortress 2. He's the fastest class in the game, and his most important weapons are a scattergun, a pistol, and a baseball bat.

Skellington's Revenge

In Skellington's Revenge, Scout is one of the protagonists. He is first seen with the rest of the group at the Christmas Tree celebration outside Squidward's house. He was mostly quiet when "Santa" appeared, knowing something was up about this "Santa". Fortunately, he was right as "Santa" was revealed to be Jack in disguise. He is knocked in the head by Fluttershy, as well as knocking Heavy and Medic in the picture while being sucked in. He reawakens with the other mercs inside a new dimension containing an igloo, ice puddles, a gingerbread village, and a towering Christmas Tree with a demonic star on top. Jack reappears with a mysterious black book, and summons the Black Hiver. Scout chooses to fight back with the other mercs, firing his pistol at the Hiver with Soldier. However, the Hiver was able to quickly defeat him and Soldier, killing them both. However, Scout's body has now turned into his Robot Form from Mann Vs. Machine.

Scout's soul is one of the souls in assisting Jack in defeating the Hiver. Scout is last seen jumping into the air with joy with the other mercs in Mobrosstudios' picture of them all.


He joined the rap business in 1998, and released a famous Rap Song in 2012 called 'Get Back Pyro'. He later left due to near death from Cocaine overdose.