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"I like pingas."

- Scratch cat


The scratch cat (AKA Felix) is a cat that appears on the game Scratch (


The scratch cat was born in 2007, age 14. As a baby, he loved to fiddle with stuff he had no right to fiddle with. He was created by the Murican government when they were testing mentally retarded cats on cannabis.


He has raped many people over the years, he also likes weed, cocaine and ice. The one thing he has done right, is call out seven year-olds on Scratch for being "script kiddies".


He was killed when he was imprisoned in Hyrule State Prison for molesting and loitering at a bus station. He saw a prisoner blow up a wall so Scratch cat ran out, only to find the Hyrulian military pointing guns at him.

Revival and Second Death

He was revived by Josh Brolin. He was given an ultimate power to kill whoever he touched. He killed Felix the Cat with his death touch. He accidentally touched You and killed him. Josh Brolin banished him to creepistan but he escaped. Josh Brolin was impressed with his ability and forgave him with the condition of giving him an infinity stone. Scratch Cat had some talk with Josh, but was ultimately killed again when he didn't give the infinity stone at the scheduled date, this time killing the creepy ass cat forever.