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ScumBob staring into your soul!

ScumBob SnarePants
Full Name
Background Information
Hometown New Bikini Bottom
Status Immortal
Likes Purposely annoying citizens
Dislikes When his annoyance fails
Alignment Evil
Source ScumBob SnarePants
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Physical Description
Species Sponge
Gender Male
Age Ageless
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level Over 9,000
Date Joined

ScumBob SnarePants, sometimes known as DankBob is the evil and an alternate version of SpongeBob SquarePants. He took over the show during Seasons 6-8. He romantically harasses Slickward Tentacles and has a romantic relationship with Patjerk Star. He lives in New Bikini Bottom. He is the main antagonist of the recenter seasons. He is a member of E.V.I.L


ScumBob altered places with SpongeBob in various episodes from Seasons 4-5. But some viewers believe he was around during the first three seasons. Like SpongeBob, he cares about his friends. At least he pretends to. He cries whenever things go wrong, tends to be really childish and only cares about himself. His best friend is Patjerk. ScumBob causes problems for others and he annoys people on purpose. Starting in Season 9 (and a few Season 8 episodes) Nick required ScumBob and SpongeBob to alternate places again like in Seasons 4-5 with SpongeBob ultimately reclaiming his title of the series protagonist while ScumBob was forced to be relegated to his spinoff show, Kamp Koral.

Antagonist Side

ScumBob is mostly indistinguishable from SpongeBob until he shows his antagonistic acts. In the Season 6 episode "House Fancy" he purposely ripped Slickward's toenail off when Slickward told him to move his sofa. In another Season 6 episode "Boating Buddies" ScumBob was seen with a creepy face breathing in Slickward's face (of which is shown in his infobox image on the right of this page). In the Season 6 episode "A Pale for Stampy" he blamed every bad thing Puffy Fluffy did on Stampy.

In the Season 8 episode "A Friendly Game" he and Patjerk destroyed Slickward's house when playing golf. In the Season 8 episode "Glove World R.I.P." ScumBob and Patjerk tried making Glove World better by destroying the place and making it more dangerous and worse off. The most noticeable difference between ScumBob and SpongeBob is ScumBob has creepy cheek things on his face and his voice is higher and sometimes cracks while SpongeBob is more kindhearted and actually genuinely wants what's best for his friends. His most recent appearance is where he cameos in the episode "Mall Girl Pearl" and is seen sexually going after Slickward a few times.


  • For some reason when ScumBob took over the title of the show remained SpongeBob SquarePants instead of being changed to ScumBob SnarePants making some people believe their both the same character.
  • Some speculated he may have been around as early as the pre-movie era of SpongeBob.
  • The Season 3 episodes he appears in may have been produced after the first movie.
  • The episode "House Fancy" from the sixth season marked his official debut episode when the show was re-branded in 2008 and any appearance before he was a minor character.
  • Just like SpongeBob he has no age.
  • Another difference between him and the real Spongebob is how they met their friends. Scumbob met his friends at Kamp Koral while the only close friend SpongeBob met at Scumbob's age at the time was Patrick and met most of his other friends later in his adulthood in the original show.
  • Despite how Scumbob hates being criticized by TheMysteriousMrEnter, he still loves to make him rage by deliberately making episodes that otherwise were great in concept shitty for no other reason than just to spite and piss him off.