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 The Sea-bear is a fearsome monster who lives under the waters of Bikini Bottom and is a considered top predator, alongside the sea rhino and the chocolate guy.


According to the legend, the first recognized Sea-bear ocean was touched by Gaston who visited the Argentine coast in the fourteenth century. But he had no respect for nature, threw the chicken bones on the floor, not recycled paper, leaving the light on his hut and urinating in public pools. One day he was in his rowboat pulling a barrel of radioactive toxic waste, as would bother the Sea-bears who came to welcome his sanctuary. Gaston hit the Sea-bears, he mocked their whiskers and their mothers, then threw the barrel of waste. Now to go home to remain a dirty, the Sea-bears came behind him with a strange green phosphorescent and angered him chewed fingers and ears.


A sea-bear is a completely beast most of the time, and if it's weird is because it is born, is characterized by being a little hairy and wet all the time, and the ability to swim more developed. Sea-bear is only when you drop cold water when they undergoes their transformations, although it varies depending on the version, the appearance of a Sea-bear transformed can range from a Sea Wolf authentic though large and drunker than usual, until a hairy humanoid and tusks and tail goes in search of raw fish.

Character Info


  • Being evil
  • Eating sharks


  • Squidward
  • You
  • Playing the clarinet badly
  • Waving your flashlight back and forth really fast
  • Stomping the ground
  • Eating cheese in cube form, sliced form is safe
  • YOU Wearing a sombrero upside down or in any other goofy fashion
  • YOU Wearing clown shoes
  • YOU Wearing a hoop skirt
  • YOU Screeching like a chimpanzee
  • Running
  • Limping (worse than running)
  • Crawling (even worse than limping)   
  • The Sea Rhinoceros because it steals it's kills and torture