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Shell City today

Shell City is a city located in Hell with a little population. In it, citizens sell useless junk, food, dinner and squids, which is often advertised by Billy Mays and other people living and working there.


The place has remained absent for many years until, thankfully, the Pirates of Caribbean went in search of the city, traveling the world until they found it, triggering the Apocalypse, for normal people were not yet ready to witness such quality and understand it from beginning to end in all its glory. People from the Hell, Bikini Bottom and lovecraftian creatures stayed at this place a time later causing the population grow again.


Aku, the president of the city

The size of the Shell City varies depending on how much money you want embezzle political shift and if you look carefully typically involve field trials, torture chambers or meeting sites for malicious intent (as conquer the world and other nonsense) of the offspring. also use other infinitely inferior to human offspring, as jebis canis posh, nazis, no other human unfortunates and who are not parents, they mean less stupid animals and other races.


In 2031, The Crown of King Neptune was stolen by Mays in an attempt to attract people looking for luxury items. This did not work, because people questioned the source of it. Millions boycotted the small Gift Shop, and it almost went out of business. The government of Hyrule got involved, and forced people to shop there.

That day SpongeBob stole back the crown and returned it to Bikini Bottom, and they all lived happily ever after.

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