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Sheriff Woody is a toy cowboy, popular in the days of your grandparents, or grandparents of them, when to be cowboy was better than being an astronaut or killer.



Woody was Andy's favorite toy and even had a song up pretty horrendous friendship until another toy came with a design of the Cold War, with more sounds, non-care material and well used laser lights that could cause retinal cancer. Then Woody devises a sinister plan and throws out the window and rips one of his little arms as any of us would do with a new subject that we don't like (do not deny it, I know you did), but after the incident, he understands that there is space in the heart of Andy for all and should stop being a jealous pig (we'll let the pig piggy).

Actor career

As it could not be otherwise, the deep intellectual concerns of Woody, coupled with the fact of his father to expel him from home by vague after hitting him with the rolling pin, led him to enroll at the University of New York City and once there, he could establish relationships by participating in meetings and cultural events with the flower and the cream of New York intellectuals, so Woody immediately developed a rampant alcoholism and some sexually transmitted diseases without too much importance. His expulsion from the University didn't wait too long and Woody was found in the dumb to find ways of financing for his projects. One of the many strategies he used for this purpose would be his first film as director, screenwriter and actor protagonist: "Take my money and run". The art world was in luck; because a star was born.


Woody died at the hands of Insane Woody, He controlled his mind forcing him to take a gun and shoot himself in the head. After the dead of Insane Woody, Woody beat the hell out of him in Hell.

Character Info



  • Buzz Lightyear (formerly)
  • Insane Woody
  • Finding Nemo
  • People using his TV (Especially Bowser)
  • Stores not having any Blue's Clues videos

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