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(YTP) Skodwarde Breaks a Time Machine

The video

(YTP) Skodwarde Breaks a Time Machine is a video uploaded by Trudermark. It's a parody of Sb-129

As the title card plays, some Pokemon is shown, with the narrator shouting "Another whole year of boating school!!!" Squidward is playing the clarinet. And SpongeBob’s alarm clock goes off, with Patrick screaming as it happens. He says, “Good morning, Krusty Crew!” Squidward blows his clarinet, making some dolphin sounds. Then SpongeBob and Patrick appear, Patrick patting a dog's head, with the brief caption 'he loves breathing underwater' and Sponge says "Yeah, uh, we're with the pet hospital down the street, and I understand you have a dying animal on the premises". Squidward closes the door, and reopens it to many random things, including Truder's famous 'JUST CALL ME' running gag. Then they switch places so SpongeBob and Patrick are inside. Patrick says he wants peanuts and pushes the 'If something dangerous happens, please push this button' button, with SpongeBob saying "PAT NO!" then Squidward disappears with the caption 'Squidward's existence has been erased. Squidward is shown sneaking over to the Krusty Krab, as the 'Come spend your money here' phrase is shown above. Squidward says 'Hello?' for the Teletubbies to shout 'Ehoh!' So Squidward does a loud scream.

Then he's shown running into the freezer as 'There I am, Gary, there I am!' plays. A caption at the top right of the screen is shown, reading 'Destruction of Bikini Bottom' and a timer, which ends when Squidward says he'll be out of here in 2000 years. Then a 'We'll be right back' meme plays and the Nintendo Swiss commercial plays. After it ends, Squidward falls and gets cremated by Spongetron. Squidward asks if he's SpongeBob, but is replied with 'I am Sponge- (glitching)' After Squidward finds out everything is 'Home', he sees Spongetrons X, Y, and Z. As he is about to ask something, he's interrupted by Spongetron making an earrape sound. After this, Squidward starts screaming future in a weird voice before glitching out. Spongetron drops a brick on his head, but then gets interrupted by Squidward telling them he doesn't belong there. The 3 Spongetron clones randomly shout "Jellyfishing!" But Squidward repeats that he doesn't belong. Patron then appears, saying 'Lets go jellyfishing!' Then a bunch of other weird stuff happens and Squidward says "Home (as in the movie)! 10/10!" and gets another brick to his head. Spongetron tells Squidward there's a time machine down the hall, to the left. As Squid goes in, he makes a high-pitched laugh and 'oofs' Spongetron says "Oh yeah, that ones the Roblox". Squidward mentions he wouldn't have chosen Serperior. Spongebob appears and shouts "BACKING UP!!!" as a lot of random things appear.

When Squidward arrives in the past, a Bob-omb (from Mario) is shown with a caption 'Time to finally live life since I'm done with medical school' for a second. Squidward quotes, in earrape, "I guess this is before MANNERS were invented!" Serperior asks "Really? Squidward Tennisballs? You're talking about manners?" Primitive Spongebob (more commonly known as Spongegar) appears as blood splatters off screen. Primitive Patrick (commonly known as Patar) appears, with clean teeth, and Squidward starts playing a high pitch song, with the caption "my first ytpmv i hope u guys like it". Then Spongegar and Patar are captioned as 'The YTPMV Community' and they get mad and start chasing Squdiward. He escapes, and when the machine turns into an arcade game, it makes him win. Squidward is in 'nowhere' as he says "WinRAR" 3 times. He is shown relaxing, as his nose and then forehead are made thicc. Squidward says he is finally found a place where he can be all alone, but on the all, it turns to 'ulululul'. Squidward shouts at the screen "I gotta get outta here!" then really weird noises and all that are played while Spongebob in the background shouts, "Just get out of here, you stupid, dumb animal!" Eventually Squid makes it back to the time machine, and sings part of 'I wanna go home' by Sandy Cheeks. Finally, he arrives back, but quickly changes his mind. It cuts back to Squidward's house, where Spongebob asks if Squidward brought a light, and is replied with no. The 'JUST CALL ME' at the end is 'JUST CALL ME Future!'


A blue outline is around this video, to prevent issues with Viacom, who take down YTPs and things like that.

This video contains Trudermark's previous video, Nintendo Swiss.

This is one of the best edited Spingebill YTPs of all time.

The original upload of this video was meant to be 'March 6th, 2017', as this was the exact date Squidward got frozen, but Truder had to fix it, so it was uploaded on March 9th, 2017 instead.