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Snow Miser Goes Down to South Park
Snow Miser with a guitar.jpg

Primary source

The Year Without a Santa Claus

Made by

Schaffrillas Productions

Upload date

December 25, 2017


YTP- Snow Miser Goes Down to South Park

Snow Miser Goes Down to South Park is a YTP created by Schaffrillas Productions. originally the video was an entry from a YTP Collab from The Year Without a Santa Claus but the collaboration for some reason was canceled, so he uploaded it as a standalone video. The video was uploaded in December 25, 2017, currently the video is marked as Unlisted.


Merry Christmas! This was my entry for a cancelled Year Without a Santa Claus collab, but fortunately, it stood so well on its own that I'm using it to ring in the holiday. Enjoy the misadventures of Santa, Mrs. Claus, Jingle, Jangle, Snow Miser, Heat Miser, that stupid kid, the inexplicably mean doctor, that fat idiot mayor, and the possibly racist kids at the end.


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Mrs. Claus talks to Santa Claus if he heard the tragedy of Connor Murphy, Santa along with Squidward gets up only so they both crack their backs, Mrs. Claus asks the doctor "Why there be no Christmas?" And the doctor rudely says "Who cares" and says that they have never given him gifts anymore, And then he tells Santa that no one will ever believe in him and Mrs. Claus tells the doctor what needs to grow but the doctor seems to give a f*ck, Then santa starts to sing a song and then says that Christmas will be canceled forever, so Mrs. Claus disguises herself as her husband to save Christmas.

Then two elfs named Jingle and Jangle with a reindeer named Vixen arrive, the first one asks him how his mind has changed and the other elf says "Oh happy day so happy day" and she tells him "I'm not faggot" (I think she said that), later Santa tells her Where are they their elfs and his wife does not answer him and with Christopher Nolan's Batman voice he says "WHERE ARE THEY?!" and since she doesn't answer him then he goes to his reindeer to look for the elves.

Meanwhile the elfs were flying on his reindeer until they see Te Ka who was about to knock them down, Meanwhile on the surface, Heat Miser who was fighting with Snow Miser, the first of them tells Snow Miser what they goot away, and the latter tells Heat Miser "Good thing too, huh, you were this close to losing your-" just for Heat Miser to shoot lightning in his ass, Meanwhile the elfs who for some reason survived Te Ka's attack arrive in South Park and we see that Snow Miser begins to sing the intro of the series only to be silenced by Heat Miser but Snow Miser throws a snowball at him for interrupting him. On a street in town, Santa disguised as a civilian meets a stupid kid and the latter tells him he already knows about his name. Then Santa enters the child's house and then begins to sing a song who I don't know what it's called, later they visit the mayor and he tells them what they will have to do a quest for him and then he will give his reindeer back, to which the plump elf says "What kind of quest?", after, the elves, Mrs. Claus and the boy go on an adventure.

Upon reaching the Snow Miser kingdom, Mrs. Claus says "Here comes now the Steam Hams". Then we see Snow Miser sing an altered version of King Dice's song like saying "I am the gayest in your live". After finishing that song, Snow Miser tells Mrs. Claus from how's your sex life, to which the child says something like respect their privacy (something like that said), and Snow Miser says if anyone understands that child. Mrs. claus tells Snow Miser to give her the snowstorm to snow South Park and the snow king tells her that that's beyond all borders and have to take Heat Miser. When leaving the place, one of the elfes asks Mrs. Claus where they are going and she answers them at the bottom of the sea to destroy Heat Miser and to get there they get on the magic bus.

Upon arriving at the kingdom of Heat Miser, the ruler of that kingdom asks her if her husband is in a commercial, and precisely we see Santa in a commercial about diabetes, Heat Miser seems not to like the idea that it snows in South Park, and then we see what Sebastian and Flounder get caught, and after talking a few things with Mrs. Claus about her brother, Snow Miser appears on the screen and begins to sing a song who I don't know what it's called, then Heat Miser says "Oh yeah? Thug guy?" and they both shoot rays, Mrs. Claus then says "Enough is enough!" and she said she hates doing this but she says they both have no choice, and she said Heat Miser will die, Heat Miser tells her if she is going to call the police. One of the Heat Miser assistants gives the phone to Mrs. Claus and we see that she is calling Will Smith Fish (the same one who killed all the sharks in the ocean), she tells Oscar the time has come, and Oscar says "My favorite part of the game", Oscar sends the Ice Beam from the Death Star over Heat Miser, Heat Miser now disfigured and barely manages to survive until Oscar who crush him with a wooden beam and finish him off by saying "It turns out you dead".

Will Smith Fish with his new empire

Then we see Will Smith Fish with his new empire proclaiming a new authority that will snow again, and we see that the people are singing an altered version of "Let it Grow" from The Lorax (I mean, "Let it Snow") but then it comes the dumbass doctor saying "Let it die, Let it die, let it die, Let it shrivel up and die" and asks everyone if someone is come with him, but they all say no one, and Will Smith Fish tells him that he is a greedy dirtbag and kills him with the Death Star and everyone celebrates again until the video pauses when they see some Asian children and an off-screen character says "Wow that's really bad". the video ends with a message saying "happy honda days".


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  • Connor Murphy
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Star Fox Adventures
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
  • A song who Santa is singing but i don't know his name
  • Coco
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