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Sos exploding from a tank.

Sos (regard that it's known under many names) is a highly addictive substance, especially manufactured in the Mushroom Kingdom and out of Mammoths. The exact properties are unknown, but some of the affects are known.


Sos and its counterparts Sas and Sus are highly addictive, not only when ingested but on sight. This leads people to believe it is linked to Weegee, as Weegee has similar properties. Looking at it behind glass prevents it's on-sight effect.

When Sos is in your system, it causes you to be compelled to say Sos, Sus, or Sas or even non-sus words like coc or joj, depending on the circumstance. It also causes you to avoid all Mammoths, because Sos and their counterparts are made of them.

Sos, when ingested in large amounts, effectively turns you into a bomb, as Sos is highly flammable.

People Who Are Addicted to SoS



YouTube Poop The EXcredibles

  • Sos
  • Sas
  • Ses
  • Sēs
  • Sus
  • Sis
  • Sees
  • Süs
  • SooS
  • Swoows
  • Sooboos
  • Soß
  • Süß (it's FuuFing sweet!)

Non-Sos variants


E-Sos (Extended Sos) is a refined variety of Sos. It was developed in the Mushroom Kingdom for usage in industry, especially hardware and engineering, but also as energy carrier (because it has a distinctly higher energy density than normal Sos) and some other scopes. The accurate composition will be kept secret, but it is composed of several not-so-harmless chemical substances.

One of its major uses is space expeditions, due to the fact that 1 pint of e-Sos is equal to 9001 gallons (35003.78 liters) of rocket fuel.

Users of the Term

Lots of poopers use the term including cs188, dathings1 and TheRumChum, although in recent times, more have used it.

The famous pooper Trudermark has adopted a similar-sounding word Saus, although the two have no similarities in definition.

Even though not related to Youtube Poop, Sus is used in Among Us as a slang for suspicious and was popularized by many well-known Twitch streamers and YouTubers two years after it's release.