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The entire show summed up

South Park is an educational show about four kids living in the same-named city who at only eight. The four kids are Cartman, Stan, Kenny, and Kyle. The boys also have parents which are a little off the edge.

It has six knock-offs called Block 13, North Park, West Park, East Park, South Porn and South Parr


Kenny's deaths

The show is famous for a character named Kenny McCormick constantly dying in the first five seasons of the series. In which this is usually following the death:

  1. Stan: "Oh my god! They killed Kenny!"
  2. Kyle: "You bastards!"
  3. Cartman: (laughs at Kenny's Death)


  • Randy Marsh - Stan's father. Arguably, he is a bit stupid in some situations. His a only achievement in life was taking a shit that weighed over 200 pounds or so. He is also a weed farmer who owns Tegridy farms.
  • Eric Cartman - one of the four main 8 year olds. Cartman has behavior problems and caused a nanny to be locked up in a mental hospital. Basically, anyone who messes with Cartman dies or gets fucked up.
  • Kenny McCormick - one of the 8 year olds. Kenny dies in most episodes whether its through a gunshot wound or a giant fan cutting him in pieces. Kenny is immortal and may never die. He has a hillbilly family.
  • Kyle Broflovski - one of the 8 year olds. Cartman always harasses him about his Jewish religion. Pretty much the only one with logical sense.
  • Stan Marsh - another main character. Stan is logical but has a family of opposite matters. He occasionally mocks Cartman.