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YouTube Poop- Spingebill And Fatprick Go On A Sex Tour

SpingeBill And FatPrick Go On a Sex Tour is a YouTube Poop made by The [1]Hell Inspector.

The video was uploaded on July 24 2017, Hell Inspectors Birthday.


The poop begins with the normal Spongebob Movie opening until one of the stars hits the screen. Spongebob gets pissed and yells out "FUCK" in his anger. The scene then cuts to the sky above the pirate ship. One of the pirates sees Squidward falling and then sees another pirate in a boat where Squidward collides with and simultaneously destroys. We then dive below the ship where Spongebob presses a buttton which fires a fireball towards the ship. The ship and everyone on it somehow survives this, as they are seen singing the Spongebob theme song in the next scene. It then cuts to a pirate screaming at the ticket booth guy before cutting again at the movie theater where they watch the Spingebill SquogPants movie.

The movie starts with the viewer diving to Bikini Bottom's most popular diner called the Krusty Bikini. Spongebob gets disgusted by this and also for eating snail food. Moar Krabs says that he likes money. Then the Bikini Bottom Cops tells everyone to stop. Moar Krabs says that he's got a situation that he rather not discuss until his manager gets there. Just then a car pulls ups and kills Fred. And out from the car, Spingebill appears. Moar Krabs then explains the situation to Spingebill that the customer got NO CHEESE on his burger. He then enters the Krusty Bikini saying to Phil (the customer) that everything is going to be all right. He then asks Phil to do a favor as he hovers over a gun. Phill asks what it is. Spingebill's request is that Phil MUST DIE. Phill whimpers as Spingebill kills him. The movie then cuts to Spingebill waking up, revealing that everything that happened in the movie up until that point was just a dream.

During the real world, Spingebill brushes his eyes with a tooth brush before invading Skodwarde's bathroom. When Skodwarde notices him, he screams "GET OUT!!!!" at the top of his lungs before kicking Spingebill out of his house from a window. Spingebill is sent flying thorugh space (ala the Shooting star meme) before crashing into a banner in front of the Krusty Bikini and the Krusty Butz Krack (it's recently built sister site). The screen cuts to the Krusy Krab again, but this time, the banner is missing.

There, Perch Perkins is seen outside the Krusty Bikini announcing the arrival of Moar Krabs. He then says that Moar Krabs is getting ready to open his new restaurant called the Krusty Butz Krack. Perch asks Krabs why he built the Krusty Butz Krack, and Krabs responds with saying "Money!" (his favorite object). The camera pans out revealing it's a P.O.V. view from a telescope. It's then revealed that the telescope is from the Chum Bucket (the Krusty Bikini's rival in the fast food chain). Plankton yells, causing his face to copy and paste forward before complaining that he never get even one customer. He strains himself, causing a nuclear explosion. He then opens the door, sending Spingebill flying in the process, and proceeds to warn Krabs to enjoy his day while it lasts because he'll get the formula by then. He then looks back at the Chum Bucket, this time there are 2 of them (likely a reference to the original Spongebob Movie) while he says that by then everyone will eat at the chum bucket and he will rule the world. He then screams his mantra "ALL HAIL PLANKTON!!!" out loud before getting stomped by Spingebill, whose on his way to the ceremony. He then notices he step on what appears to be a bug and then proceeds to grind plankton in the dust. Plankton teleports out of the way saying to Spingebill "Stupid kid," before walking away back into the Chum Bucket.

The screen cuts to Krabs announcing the opening of the Krusty Bikini 2. Mrs. Puff and Sandy complain about they paid $9 for this. Spingebill is heard cheering at the top of his lungs. Krabs tells Spingebill that he didn't get the job. A now saddened Spingebill asks whey he didn't get the job before he gets cut off by FatPrick flying in, cheering Spingebill. He then crashes into the banner similarly to what Spingebill did earlier in the video.

Later that evening, Plankton invades Peach's castle (which for some reason got submerged) with the intention of stealing King Neptune's crown. One of the guards that's on watch asks another if he's saw anything, to which the other replies "NO,". Plankton hides between one of the castle's stair's balusters. The inside of Peach's Castle spontaneously transforms into the inside of King Neptune's palace, where the sea god proceeds to hit his squire in rhythm with the original Super Mario Bros. theme. King Neptune decides to execute a random fish before hitting his squire again in a very fast attack spam-esque speed, which spawns a WIndows XP error message, causing Windows to shut down (Neptune still, somehow, continued hitting the poor squire).

King Neptune begins to lecture Mindy about becoming the future ruler of the sea as he puts the crown down, covering a jaw dropped Spongebob. Plankton is seen in G-major, giggling evilly as he peers over the crown. When Neptune finished his lecturing, Mindy becomes worried that she'll become gay when she becomes ruler, to which the sea god replies with Luigi. He then finishes up his life lesson by saying that she will one day rule with an iron eye before going to grab his crown, only to grab the pillow it usually lays in. King Neptune quickly realizes that he didn't pick up his crown and looks to where he put it, only to find nothing (Plankton stole it off screen). King Neptune lets out a very loud, agonizing scream as he declares that someone has stole his crown. Plankton is then shown carrying a power star that he also stole for some unknown reason.

The screen cuts to inside Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat where Spingebill is crying his sorrows away. FatPrick shows up, asking to who's the Krusty Bikini 2 manager, which makes him cry louder. Spingebill then explains his situation to FatPrick, much to the latter's frustration that his friend didn't get the job.

Moar Krabs gives Skodwarde his promotion to manager and then says to him that he needs to keep a sharp eye out. Then a knife flies at Skodwarde's right eye, fortunately, he regenerates the eye and yawns. King Neptune parks his chariot in front of the 2 Krusty Krabs. He tells Mindy to stay in the car and that (he'll) make this quick as his body turns G-Major. Mindy tries to reason with her father, but he ignores her and hits his head on a pole, causing the same Windows error message to appear again (he then shouts for his squire just before the scene ends).Moar Krabs charges $101 for a Krabby Patty (with cheese). Neptune appears and asks the customers where Krabs is, only Krabs himself to appear and announce his name to the sea god. He then shouts "NAY!!!!" and says that he's onto him for stealing his crown (Plankton apparently framed him). Moar Krabs, in a really stupid decision, confesses to the crime he didn't commit, resulting in the enraged sea god turning him into ice. Spingebill and FatPrick then embark on an adventure to get the crown, save the town, and Moar Krabs.

Plankton then begins to mock Krabs, but is then hit by a runaway freeze ray laser. He begs Perch to not let the flame die out before offering him and everyone else a nice bucket helmet. Skodewarde is shown riding his bicycle on his way to work, when he notices that the citizens (incuding some children and babies) were wearing bucket helmets, much to his confusion. At a stop sign, Skodewarde asks a fish lady where did she and the other Bikini Bottomites get their bucket helmets, only for her to reply that she and the others got them from the Chum Bucket for free with every Krabby they got from Plankton, which causes Skodewarde to realize that something was up. He then storms to the Chum Bucket to confront Plankton, knowing that he's the one who framed Moar Krabs. Plankton offers Skodewarde a bucket helmet, but he was too smart for that, and scolded Plankton for being the one who stole Neptune's crown all along. He then threatens to alert King Neptune about the true mastermind.

Plankton then drops his false friendly demeanor and presses a red button on Karen's lower body. The buckets then grow antenna before forcefully ramming themselves downward on the hapless customers' heads, as then stand up and begin to chant the mantra "ALL HAIL PLANKTON," in a zombie-esque tone. The buckets weren't just discount happy meal toys, they were mind control devices. Skodewarde becomes frightened as the customers-turned zombies chant the mantra over and over. Plankton then orders the now fully mind controlled zombies to attack Skodewarde. Skodewarde screams as he tries to make a beeline towards the door, only to be greeted by more mind controlled zombies coming in. Skodewarde stops himself and gets trapped in a corner as the zombies forcefully give him a mind control bucket helmet. Plankton Laughs manically at Skodewarde's fate. Spongebob comments that the scene is disturbing.

Meanwhile, Spingebill and FatPrick ended up at Luigi's Mansion where a Luigi lookalike is sent flying out of. They look inside and spot a thug with Patty Wagon Key (The Thug stole it offscreen). Spingebill wonders how they can get it back. FatPrick comes up with an idea. His idea was him going up to the theif and engages into a loud offscreen boss fight with the theif. FatPrick escapes the mansion with the key as well as a censored Pingas. They proceed to drive off, but ended up getting vored by a Frog-fish. The next scene reveals that they somehow escaped.

FatPricks begins to mock the Wii U, causing him and Spingebill to start laughing, only to lose the Patty Wagon for an unknown reason. They then go into a mental BSoD before jumping off a cliff and into the midnight zone. As they fall, a trampoline is waiting for them at the bottom. They land on it and are catapulted out of the Midnight Zone, over the cliff, out of the water, and into Shell City. They jump on the crown as Spingebill says "I Won" in Link's voice to signify their victory. They had the crown, all they need to do is save the town and Moar Krabs.

They leave Shell City and prepare the trip back home. Spingebill asks FatPrick for the bag of winds, FatPrick gives it to him. Unlike in the movie, FatPrick actually doesn't release the bag of winds until they and the crown are on board. They fly in the air for a good few seconds before they drop downwards towards Bikini Bottom, like a meteor falling from space. They are falling towards the Krusty Bikini 2 while one of the Plankton Statues make the Pranktin face. They land into the Krusty Bikini 2 and just in time too as King Neptune was about to kill Moar Krabs. The Crown deflects the laser upward towards David Hasselhoff, resulting in a huge explosion. Just as King Neptune regains his sanity after being reunited with his crown, Plankton drops one last Mind Control Bucket Helmet onto the sea god, brainwashing him in the process. Spingebill, FatPrick, and Mindy look on in horror as the brainwashed sea god and the other zombies corner them.

Spingebill knew he couldn't give up now, not at the homestretch of their adventure, he got the crown and saved Moar Krabs, but still needed to save the town. Ocean man starts playing as he prepares to fight the mind controlled zombies. Spingebill channels in inner Goofy Goober as he engages in one final boss fight with all the zombies, causing a huge explosion in the process. He starts by creating the goofy goober rock montage like in the original Spongebob Movie. Plankton regains consciousness as he orders the zombies to kill Spingebill. The zombies dog-pile him, only for Spingebill to free himself by creating a small explosion.

As the smoke cleared, Spingebill rises from the grown, now transcended into a music wizard. FatPrick and Mindy stared in awe as Spingebill begins to charge his attack. The head stock of the guitar begins to glow as he opens fire on a zombie. The Mind control Bucket helmet was destroyed, as the mind controlled zombie regains his free will and turn back to normal, much to his delight. Spingebill opens fire on more of them. Plankton helplessly screamed "NOOO!!!" as the zombies turn back to normal and regain their free will, one at a time. Spingebill begins spinning around, firing wildly at the zombies, freeing the all, including Skodewarde, Mrs. Puff, Sandy, and Gary from Plankton's control. He then fires upward at the Krusty Bikini 2's antenna, sending the laser from the guitar deflecting to everywhere outside the building. Spingebill and FatPrick had gotten the crown, saved Bikini Bottom, and Moar Krabs.

The sceen cuts to black, before the viewer is greeted with a message from the Hell inspector, thanking everyone for 4K subscribers.



  • The Spongebob Squarepants Movie


  • RickRoll
  • Shooting Stars

Video Games

  • Hotel Mario
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Luigi's Mansion


  • Legend of Zelda TV show (audio only)
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure