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YTP - Spingebill Gets Abducted By A Gorilla In A Horrifying Dimension (Also known as "Spingebill Gets R*ped By A Gorilla In A Horrifying Dimension") is a poop by TheMysteriousPooper.


(SpongeBob is reading a letter from Squidward, reading: "Dear Spongebob, I'm so sorry. Love, Squidward" before the screen reveals that Squidward has hung himself)

Night Of The Robot narrator: Creepy time theater presentation part two!

SpongeBob SquarePants: What kind of monster is responsible for this horror?

Patrick Star: (laughing as he lowers down from a rope, with no clothes, black eyes, and a gun. He shoots SpongeBob)

(We are experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. Please enjoy these short clips, while we fix this issue)

Fred Rechid: Sir, this is the greatest thing I've ever eaten! I'm gonna c*m! (He c*ms)

(Mr Krabs is staring at him)

Fred: Hey buddy, are you alright? (He is displayed having s*x with a woman in a bikini) Hey buddy, are you alright? (He is shown with his head on the "buns and thighs" guy from Life Of Crime) Hey buddy, are you alright? (He is now shown shaking hands with someone)

SpongeBob: Here you go, Mr Krabs (He is holding a stack of money)

Eugene Harold Krabs: I'm gonna need more than that, boy!

Michael Buffer: Let's get ready to rumble!

(SpongeBob is chasing some jellyfish in a trojan Sponge thing)

(Metal Slug is not responding. Too much sh*t is going on. F**k! I'm going on break! If you close or restart the program, you might lose information. Check for a solution and suck a d*ck :D. Close the program or get f**ked in the a*s. Wait for the program to respond)

Mr Krabs: What don't you understand about, MOAR?!

(Meanwhile, inside the strip club...)

Squidward Quincy Tentacles: Know what I mean?

Bubble Bass: I believe you owe me two bucks

(5 Minutes Later...)

(Bubble Bass is twerking on Squidward's face. Squidward is laughing)

Squidward: Heaven at last!

Bubble Bass HeHeHeHeEeHhEhEhEhEhE!

Squidward: It's been a thrill.

SpongeBob: (glitching out and laughing)

Patrick: Sh*t! (Looks at the pile of sh*t next to him)

(Lol, I'm almost out of ideas :p)

(Returning you back to your program... Please wait)

(SpongeBob is tied up like he was in Krabby Land)

SpongeBob: Uhhh...

Gorilla: (walks over to SpongeBob and starts forcing him to f**k him) Hoohoohoohaahaahaahoo!

(Hours Later...)

(SpongeBob's likely dead body flies out of a Mario pipe and falls from the sky)

(Spingebill was later found at "Underground Area 51" by a radio-active alien looking Squidward, who ate him because he simply thought Spingebill was already dead)

(The gorilla who r*ped Spingebill, waits for Fagtrick to bring him more bodies to make love with. After each finish, the gorilla throws away each used body in another dimension)

SpongeBob: Retrace my steps?

Patrick: Well, what did you do after I said hi to you this morning?

SpongeBob: Hmm, let's see

(Shows SpongeBob thinking about when he was on the toilet)

SpongeBob: Focus... (He drops a huge load in the toilet, and starts singing)

Gary: Meow

(Sandy has her suit off and is twerking, as SpongeBob slaps her a*s while Gary watches)

Sandy Jennifer Cheeks: What? Will you get out of here?!

(SpongeBob is dancing to a rap song, and his flashback ends)

SpongeBob: And that's about it

(TheMysteriousPooper's logo appears fro a second)


It is shown that Patrick didn't actually kill Spongebob, he just tied him up and forced him to f**k a gorilla.

Spongebob and Squidward are the only characters the gorilla is shown making love with.


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