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YTP - Spingebill Goes Into A Horrifying Dimension (2.0)-2

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YTP - Spingebill Goes Into A Horrifying Dimension (2.0) (also known as "Rock Motto 2") is a changed version of YTP - Spingebill Goes Into A Horrifying Dimension, edited by TheMysteriousPooper.


The title card reads "Rock Motto". It shows Red Mist Squidward's head in the bottom left corner. After this, Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward are seen, in a photo, with black eyes. A static appears, with Mr. Krabs skipping with his eyes as the rope. Suddenly, Spongebob appears, looking at a realistic, giant Squidward. Next, Patrick is shown with black eyes, smiling with a plank nailed in his head and a hammer. 666 is written on him, as he says, in a distorted voice, "Hi, Spongeboob! Spongeboob? Who's Spongeboob?". Another static is used, with a creepy Spongebob holding a knife in the background. After the static ends, a disturbing image of Plankton appears. His antennas are oversized, and his face is realistic and creepy. After that, the screen zooms from Spongebob's TV, and he says "Haha, that wasn't scary, huh, Gary?" before his door knocks, and Spongebob tells them to come in.

Patrick peeps in through the door, with white eyes, and says "Spongebob, I have to touch you!". Spongebob comes out and says "Hey, a box!" before the screen shows him next to a box, asking who's there. Patrick, dressed in a loincloth, comes up to him, with a jellyfish net. The screen cuts to black as Pat can be heard saying "Gotta get underneath it!" before Spongebob screams, while an image of Patrick with black eyes and a knife. The screen flashes 'Alternate scene' and Spongebob jumps into a box, before the screen zooms into an empty box. Spongebob shouts "The Krusty Krab" before his hand appears on top of it. The screen has a filter making it look like an old 1920s show, as Spongebob, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Patrick (with normal eyes now) stand there with surprised faces, with Bootleg SpongeBob in the background. Next, Spongebob is in a dark room in Rock Bottom, with his glove light dying. Patrick giggles in the background, as a disturbing version of him peeks out from a small cage. Sponge closes his eyes, as he thinks it won't seem so dark. Then he is shown being covered by spiders (in his mind), so he runs away.

Another static is shown, this time with a creepy Spongebob looking down, next to Squidward's house. Seconds later, Sponge is shown with miscolored eyes, before cutting to Squidward choking on a fork while the screen zoomed in on the holocaust. The screen reads "GAME OVER!" as Squidward is shown hanging a black-eyed Patrick.

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