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[1K Sub Special] YTP - Spingebill Loses His Sense of Mind is a YTP by ThatGuyPoops. It is the 1,000 subscriber special, however it was made after he had reached that number.


(SpongeBob buys drugs from Man Ray, Dirty Bubble, and Blackjack. He and Patrick get high, then SpongeBob starts smoking with his conch signal, before he is shot by Squidward)

(Yesterday Morning...)

(SpongeBob and Gary are watching Red Mist on the tv, when a knock on SpongeBob's door is heard)

Bikini Bottom Police: This is the police!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Just a second!

BBP: Are you SpongeBob Square PEANUT!

SpongeBob: I, uh, YES!

BBP: That's all we need to know, son

Realistic Fish Head: What kind of cruel, careless, evil person would-

(GTA Vice City Rage appears in his eyes)

(SpongeBob's eyes turn to static)

Scatman John: Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub yo da dub dub ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub

SpongeBob: (screams when he sees Gary's dead body) F**k you, Gary! (looks out the window to see the army, before Slenderman appears, causing him to scream again)

(Scene switches to inside Patrick's house, where Squidward is in jail)

Guy: (actionbarred/subtitled) We have finally captured him, Mr. Star!

Patrick Star: Excellent work! He was big trouble to the city!

Guy: He can't hurt anyone now!

(Squidward escapes, and stabs everyone, while a "Missing Scene" message displays and a flash frame of Squidward about to stab Patrick)

Patrick: Ouch


Patrick: (runs past SpongeBob and Gary, who have statics in their eyes and "!" marks above their heads) The truth will be revealed!

Clamu: (SpongeBob scream sound)


(Kirby gets shot)

(SpongeBob is on a cross)

Squidward Quincy Tentacles: SPONGEBOB!!!

Patrick: Now this is a show!

Eugene Harold Krabs: SPONGEBOB!

Patrick: Oh no!

(The time has come for your last mission to begin. You must kill that b*tch-a*s Plankton and make sure that the C*m Bucket gets destroyed with the bomb you have been given. Be stealth, be fierce and kill that b*stard. Good Luck!!!)

SpongeBob: (chasing a giant Plankton) P*nis! I just have to stand in this one spot. F**k! Gary! I got it! (drops a bomb on The Chum Bucket, causing it to explode)

Leader: Mission accomplished. Well done. Good job, team. We executed the mission perfectly!


SpongeBob and Robot Krabs: Oh Bikini Bottom, we pledge our hearts to you! As faithful, as deep, as true, as blue! Bikini Bottom we love you (explosion)

SpongeBob: Holy sh**! (actually censored)

Squidward: The truth will be revealed! SpongeBob, you can't beat me!

SpongeBob: Squidward? Okay, okay! I gotta skip town, start a new life! (screen shows a POV of him running very fast on a road. Upon viewing, it would appear to be a loop)

(It shows the Strangler sitting on a bench in what appears to be a lighter version of Rock Bottom)

SpongeBob: That's it. I gotta find a bodyguard! Mister, I need protection from the scariest guy in town, here's his picture (shows a picture of Squidward)

Tattletale Strangler: He looks tough! Yeah, sorry

(SpongeBob screams as he sees a sign reading "Bodyguard? Call 666-STFU". He calls the number)

Man Ray: (picks up the phone) Hello? (indiscernible speech) The only thing I'm good at is being evil! (more indiscernible speech) (puts phone down) I'll fake my way through this just like I did in high school! (laughs)

SpongeBob: My house! (his house grows back)

(Screen shows the scene where the Flying Dutchman fails to scare SpongeBob, playing on his tv. SpongeBob is laughing creepily in the background. SpongeBob has a knife)

SpongeBob: Psst, Gary! I have something to share with you! (Gary is reading "Snail Jokes") (takes out his knife) Gary, look what I found! (takes out a plate of melons)

Gary: Meow

SpongeBob: Alright, Gary, you have duped and/or frustrated me for the last time! (stabs him)

(Gary's gravestone is shown)

French narrator: One Hour Later

(The start is shown again, up to the point where Squidward shoots SpongeBob. After this, Patrick, Mr Krabs, and Squidward dance to Exhibit C, while SpongeBob plays it)


This is the longest ThatGuyPoops video of all, nearly 7 minutes long.

SpongeBob saying "Holy sh**!" is from The Sky Had A Weegee!, making it the only time (apart from in Fagtrick's Horrifying Thought, where a slightly edited frame from Spingebill Experiences a Horrifying NDE is seen) ThatGuyPoops has used content from another YTP that isn't his.