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Spingebill the Horny Drug Addict Gets Sued by Viacom is a YouTube Poop by spongebobpooper1, reuploaded onto his new account PedoSponge.


Sandals: What's going on?

Mr Krabs: yIpPiE!!! *kisses Sandals and Squidward, then runs away with a computer that has spongebobpooper1's channel reading "300 subscribers", and starts j*rking off* Congratulations sir, you are my 300th subscriber!

Sandals: Ha, gay *earrape noises* Uh, what do I win?

Mr Krabs: To reward you, I'm takin a sh*t! (color bars) I'm taking ya on a trip!

Patrick: We're going to the carnival, we're going to the carnival!

(six flags music)

Billy Mays: Hi, Billy Mays-ama here with the al-Qaeda, to crash this fully loaded, 80,000 lbs bus, but I'm not done yet! You're all gonna die *explodes*

Mr Krabs: Stop playing that music!

Plankton: *laughs* Attention! You are gay! You have exactly 17 minutes to suck my c*ck! *bus lands on him*


Mr Krabs: *screams* That trip was a bad idea from the start!

Patrick: That was a carnival?


French Narrator: And now it's time for Patchy's D*ck! Hosted by Spongebob's #1 f*g: Patchy The ????? !

Patchy: Ahoooooooooooooooo- fanatics! We're gonna see me d*ck!

Potty: Boring! I'm being held here against my will! Help! *Patchy r*pes him*

Patchy: *gets shot out of a cannon and screams in Spanish, before his head crashes into the screen and he dies*

*hospital gets shot by a missile*


Spongebob and Patrick: That was a close one

Squidward: It- *gets zapped multiple times*

Dutchman: Now listen. Aheeeeeeeeeeeee- Whosoever sh*ts on the Flying Dutchman, shall c*m in his ghostly a*s!

Squidward: Will we be getting d*ldoes? *gets zapped again*

Dutchman: ur gay

Squidward: Now you listen here, you piece of sh*t, ur gay *gets r*ped by the dutchman*


Spongebob and Patrick: ?????

Squidward: Boy, I'm glad all that's over. Hey, what are you standing on anyway *they are on Nyan Cat*

Patrick: It's a giraffe!

Squidward: *screams and crashes through his roof* (alternate scene) I gotta try to relaaa- with a little TV.

*My Little Pony starts to play, but Patrick shoots Squidward's screen*

Patrick: I hate this channel

Squidward: No, NO! Patrick, I'm a brony!

Patrick: *earrape sounds*

Squidward: I gotta try to relaaa- with a little TV.

Billy Mays: Hi, Billy Mays here for Mighty Blunt! The easy way to get high! Mighty Blunt is a super powered blunt, ordinary blunts are weed. Mighty Blunt includes Weed, Cr*ck, M*th, and Mushrooms! You'll get so high, you'l clean s*men out of your mom's p*ssy and impossible to reach areas! Order right now or we'll chop your f**king b*lls off!

Spongebob: That would be so cool!

Squidward: uhhhhh

Patrick: *earrape sounds again*

Sandals: Huh. ?niw I od tahw ,hU

Squidward: Would you get out of here!


Morshu: Mighty Blunt. You want it? It's yours, my friend. As long as you have enough rupees.

Spongebob: Please?

Morshu: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, as long as you show me your b**bies

Spongebob: Oh, okay I'm takin em off I'm takin em off!

Morshu: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, it's yours my friend.

Mr Krabs: *answers his door*

Spongebob: Hey there, Mr Krabs. Are you ready to PARTY?

Mr Krabs: I'm ready to PARTAY, are you ready to PARTAY, Spongebob?

Spongebob: AHHH I'm ready to PARTAY!

Patrick: I'm ready to pArTaY!

8:01 PM

*flamethrower sounds*

Spongebob: Walking *fart sounds* Running, better start running, running, running. *moar* Sprinting! Yes, I just have to- *gets incinerated by Skodwarde*

*black hole eats him, Skodwarde, Moar Krabs, and Nyan Cat, before turning into cs188*

Gwonam: You are being sued by Viacom

Mr Krabs: *reads the letter and screams*

Spongebob: Sh*t, Mr Krabs, 100,000 motherf**kin dollars.

Mr Krabs: Oh, Spongebob! Help!

Spongebob: I wish there was some way I could help.

Mr Krabs: Perhaps there is, boooy

Mr. Krabs decides to negotiate the lawsuit with the head of Viacom

(at Viacom HQ)

Rock Bottomite: *farts* Next

Mario: *walks over to King Harkinian* Listen up, you gay piece of sh*t! I have f**king had it with your bullsh*t! Why don't you go shove this f**king d*ldo up your a*s, you f**king b*tch!

King Harkinian: WOOOAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Take him away!

Mayor Kravindish: This is illegal you know.

Mario: Hey you, get off my a*s! *gets lazers shot at him* Sh*t!

Mayor Kravindish: This is illegal you know.

Mr Krabs: Scrumptious, curvy a*s!

Spongebob: I see her, Mr Krabs

Mr Krabs: Not the old man, boy, the wh*re with the curvy a*s

Zelda: Stop looking at my a*s

Mr Krabs: F**k!

Mayor Kravendish: This is illegal you know.

Mario: *running away* It's been one of those days

Rock Bottomite: *farts* Next

Spongebob: It's Mr Krabs. He wants to complain to you.

King Harkinian: Woah! Copyright violators! Take him away!


Mr Krabs: F**k!

Spongebob: Mr Krabs, I'm so ashamed! What am I going to do?

Mr Krabs: I'll cut off your d*ck!

Spongebob: Oh no. Oh no no no no Mr Krabs, I can't do it! Anything but that!

Mr Krabs: I understand. You were a good little fry cook, SpongeBob. But, we'll find another. Hopefully one that will listen to old Mr. Krabs. *kills him with a chainsaw*

Bubble Bass: I believe you owe me two f**ks

Spongebob: I got gonorrhea!


  • King Harkinian is revealed to be the head of Viacom Inc., proving he is a villain. He first appears when Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob are at the Viacom HQ to complain against the lawsuit.
  • This was spongebobpooper1's most viewed video, and his best edited. It's also the most viewed PedoSponge video, the second most being Spingebill can't make KFC.