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It's him!

– Splat Tim's catchphrase

Splat Tim is a deformed version of a male Inkling whom has Down Syndrome. He does it!


He is a Inkling, but looked like something from a LSD trip or something from Garry's Mod. He was created by Dr. Neo Cortex in order to takeover Inkopolis, but Splat Tim betrayed him and killed him with a bloody knife. But somehow, Cortex was revived by his brother, Dr. Robotnik.

Attributes / Appearance

Splat Tim is a Inkling boy (a human,cephalopod hybrid, in other words, a Kid and a Squid) with a distorted, messed up face, hunched neck and a scrawny body. He wears a light blue shirt that says "Dog" in inkling language.


  • Splat Tina (Sister)
  • Cale and Mar
  • Splat Tailor
  • Captian Crunch
  • Major Agent 3 Guy (Cousin?)
  • Saying "woomy"


  • Dr. Neo Cortex
  • Nazi Zen
  • MotherDuckers
  • Barney and Friends
  • Stupid Faggots
  • Splat Tom (Splat Tim’s evil twin)
  • Temmie (Rival)
  • Gettin' splat!!


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