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Squadallah was stated by Gwonam in The Faces of Evil.


Squadallah is a word invented by Gwonam himself, thus it is not found in any dictionary. It supposedly means "to fly on a magic carpet". Other terms include "squadala-ing" and "squadala'd". Gwonam has claimed this word as his own and anyone who uses this word must make royalty payments.

Gwonam says Squadallah all the time, most notably when he is leaving a place with his magic carpet. In the movie "Gwonam the Extortionist throws King Harkinian into Financial Chaos", Gwonam was so mad at The King since he didn't give him the money he owed him so after Gwonam said "I will return", he said a bad version of Squadallah, which is said as "Squada-fucking-llah!!!". Recently, Gwonam said Squadallah as "Squad of Allah". Because of Gwonam saying Squadallah all the time, this led him to his nickname of "Squadallah man".


  • Although it sounds similar, his name has nothing to do with Allah.