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YTP Squishward Feigns Krabsperger's Syndrome to Squeeze Sponges in the Employee Lounge

[YTP] Squishward Feigns Krabsperger's Syndrome to Squeeze Sponges in the Employee Lounge is a YouTube Poop created by Awful Fawful. It was uploaded on February 24, 2015.


Squidward Tentacles was walking to work and it have very ghetto like neighborhoods. Spongebob was dancing like he was tripping. When he got to work, he wished that he can go home. More LSD style tripping continues as Squidward gets p*ssed at Spongebob (who somehow teleported from the street to the Krusty Krab).

Squidward got so p*ssed that he started to sh*t on the floor and everyone jumped out of the restaurant because they are stupid. Mr. Krabs heard the commotion and Squidward sh*ts on his MLP toys. Spongebob bumped into him and dropped a dime in the sink. Mr. Krabs was stuck and asked Spongebob to grab his captain's quarters and f**k. Mr. Krabs arms are ripped off and he got wombo combo'd and a bunch of stuff fell on him. When he went to the hospital, Squidward and Spongebob f**ked when Krabs came in. Squidward finally went insane and chased Spongebob down the street.


Some scenes from this YTP were taken from Squishward the Irresponsible's Day of Dirty Deeds, including Mr Krabs hearing Squidward sh*tting and Spongebob and Squidward f**king, along with scenes involving Squidward dying taken from that YTP.



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Video Games

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Squidward's deaths

When Squidward mentions that he's "trapped in a prison of republicans and being dead", a series of bizarre scenarios of Squidward dying or being killed is shown.

  • Freezing to death in a meat locker
  • Smashing a coffee-maker, causing him to get blown out of the Krusty Krab
  • Falling off his bicycle and onto another Squidward
  • Getting charred by Fluttershy shooting an energy beam from her mouth
  • A bug whacking him with a stick, causing one of his eyes to fall out
  • Getting beheaded by the cash register opening
  • Running in front of an oncoming fire truck
  • SpongeBob shooting an energy beam from his mouth right at his face
  • Jumping in front of a truck while trying to save SpongeBob from getting run over
  • Getting blown up by SpongeBob in a suicide bombing
  • Driving into SpongeBob in a head-on collision
  • Thrown into a weird dimension inside Fluttershy's a**h*le by the Flying Dutchman
  • Being killed during open-heart surgery by SpongeBob using a table waxer on his heart
  • SpongeBob shooting Squidward when he tries to take his Playpony magazine
  • Poking both his eyes out
  • DoodleBob unleashing a red tornado on him
  • Mr Krabs shoveling Squidward's organs out

Some of those deaths were taken from previous Awful Fawful YTPs, including Squishward the Irresponsible's Day of Dirty Deeds, SpongeBaal Forces a Krappily Crusted Pizza Unto the Customer, Squishward Gets Run Over and Wreaks Sh*t in Vegas Hell, A SpingeBill Spooky Scary Halloween, SpingeBerle and the Bikini Boys Bite a Brick of JimJams, and SquaggleBob Paint-Poisoning Pants Goes Full-on Cringebill.


Squidward: Let Squid's day off.. begin

(Cuts to the Space Dandy theme playing while random edited scenes are shown. After this, Squidward's house, along with many colorless copies of it, is shown in a surreal version of Bikini Bottom. Inside, Spongebob is being watched by a camera as Squidward is asleep. A phone rings, waking him up. Two copies of Mr Krabs are revealed to be hiding under Squidward's covers)

Mr Krabs: Get back to work Mr Squidward.

(Squidward is looking at the mirror, as an aesthetic and surreal cutscene of him walking through Bikini Bottom to the Krusty Krab)

Squidward: Oh, what a beautiful day. (An insane copy of Squidward is shown chasing Spongebob through the Krusty Krab) And here I am, trapped in a prison of republicans and being dead! (A long cutscene of Squidward being killed in various ways is shown). You're losing it Squidward. Calm down. Why can't Mr Krabs just let us go home?

(FUH meme in high pitched, Squidward goes Super Saiyan)

Spongebob: (ringing the bell, giggles, more FUH memes. Squidward throws a brick at him)

Squidward: You ring the bell when there's a sick boss-like o*gy! But NO! I'm just so f**kin done with this restaurant!

Hipster Fish: He burnt my shake!

Squidward: That's it! That's it! I'm just gonna take a sh*t, carnival style! (He takes a sh*t, and all the customers run outside and fall to their deaths)

Mr Krabs: That sounds like Squidward dropping a sh*t! (A creepy version of him is shown playing with a MLP toy and a d*ldo, as a bizarre scene of random things happening displays) What's going on out here? Rear!

(Squidward is eating his own sh*t)

Dr Ian Malcolm: That is one big pile of sh*t.

Mr Krabs: Soiled!

Spongebob: Soiled!

Mr Krabs: (Running his MLP toys under a tap) Don't cry little ones!

Spongebob: Hey Morty, lick my b*lls! (laughs)

(Mr Krabs drops his toys)

Mr Krabs: Me dime!

Bobby Schmurda: And Truey on some hot n*gga!

Mr Krabs: No! (sticks his claw down the sink, as Spongebob's eyes widen) I got it boy! It's stuck! You gotta help me, Spongebob!

Spongebob: You gotta (Elsa voice) let it go!

Mr Krabs: There's got to be another way! Grab me captain's quarters, and f**k!

(Spongebob starts h*mping him, Squidward watches and j*rks himself off. Krabs's arms come off, and he gets wombo combo'd. A bunch of random things, including a copy of him, fall on Mr Krabs's head)

Gang Starr: Fresh out the gate again, time to raise the stakes again, fatten my plate again, y'all cats know we always play to win. G-A-N-G to the Starr son, haters took this sh*t too far son, so that's-

Mr Krabs: Wait, Squidward. I'm gonna pound your rear end! (This makes Squidward really happy)

Squidward: Okay, SPONGEBOB! Let's get down to business!

Spongebob: AAAH! Really? Then you might wanna put these on (holds up some c*ndoms)

(They f**k, as Mr Krabs watches and his arms fall off)

(Squidward is in a creepy room)

Squidward: I gotta get outta here!

Spongebob and Robot Krabs: Meatball, meatball, spaghetti underneath! (voices start getting higher) Ravioli Ravioli great barrier reef!

Squidward: (Pops out of the bathtub, along with Spongebob, Patrick, and Mr Krabs) He's headed back to the Krusty Krab!

Spongebob: ROBOT OH MY GOSH!

Squidward: Got you now Spongebob! (jumps out of bath, and starts chasing Spongebob down the street naked)

Fish: (Distorted voice, off-screen) Hey, put some clothes on!

Squidward: (Making horrible earrape noises, before laughing as the screen zooms into his face)

(The screen reads, 'Squid's Day Off' in blue text)

Squidward: D*cks!