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"You bitches are making me rich!" - Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple Inc. He sold various overpriced products called iDevices, which are only slightly better than the competition, yet multiple times the price. Despite this, his goal was in the right place: his goal was to defeat Bill Gates, who makes crappy operating systems, and sells them. His second mortal enemy was Linus Torvalds, for creating Linux and making it free in order to steal market share.

Despite hating Bill Gates, he once teamed up with him to create Microsoft Office for Macintosh. Later researches state that Jobs was not proud of that decision.


Steve Jobs was born in 18 Aa (before Apple) in the middle of a giant computer. When leaving the computer for people living in the house where the computer was, offered to Steve an apple, Although only took a bite and left he like that. We believe in the Church of Acts of the Holy and Sacred Apples Jobs that was the origin of the Apple logo. Then he wanted to earn more money and came to cure millions putting a hard disk brand DUCKY MADE IN CHINA $5 each in a piece of plastic made by Africans and tuvalíes who killed elephants to acquire in order to all that the dude from iFucked (iPod).

Years later he saw his mountain of gold in his closet was starting to shrivel then he said, "A this crap i put a Motorola chip in $3 and his phone ... or iPhone costing 16,000 pounds sterling ... I, I, I ... did Business with Abed Slim so that only he could sell in Koridai masquerading as telcel and thus charging 3 DOLLARS at time when you used your iLlamele (iPhone), and thus dismiss William Gates from his post in the richest world...Muahahaha." and our friend Jobs bought the islands of Jamaica and Kuala Lumpur for vacation...

¿Disney World?

Jobs in 1986 became owner of Pixar because the bastard bought the company for 10 million dollars, which made him richer and back bald. He helped produce films cluttering like Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, film Uncyclopedia, among other macabre works. Then Steve came back to Apple where at first he was not well received by his departure, but was turned on to win the respect of everyone again because the bastard had another plan in mind, the iPod. This known man died of unknown reasons and his fans are very sad because they fear they do not occur more iPods. There is currently an application on iPods to attend his funeral.

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