Stone or Football was large political debate in the Mushroom Kingdom. If a person makes a football out of stone is it a football or a stone. Mario is pro stone while Luigi is pro football.


It was originated when Mario and Luigi were playing sports, then Luigi found a stone and claimed that it was a football but then Mario said that it was a simple stone. Since then, the debate is still working until someone explain which is the correct decision.

Pro-Football people are called Footballers, and Pro-Stone people are called Stoners. The Footballers and Stoner have gotten into a lot of fights and a reported over 9000 people got killed over this matter. Bowser used to join the debate but he resigned when he achieved to get his own restaurant.


Finally, Mario and Luigi made an agreement and now football out of stone are the both things. This is because Mario knocked Luigi using a shovel and Luigi realized his error and the war ended with a trollface in the background.