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"You ate my damn burger!?"
– Sub Zero approaching Bubble Bass

I will kill you

Sub Zero is the most badass person in Mortal Kombat and in the world. He can kick your ass without having to actually kick your ass. You can't even look at him for .5 seconds without dying unless you are Chuck Norris or an Immortal.


Sub Zero is epic for a reason:

  • Bitchin' Martial Arts
  • Better ice powers than this douche
  • More Epic than Chuck Norris
  • Master strategist
  • Total immunity to Viacom Inc.
  • Avoid Flame Wars (Get it became he's ice? No? Get out)

Sub Zero giving a bitch the business


Sub Zero pretty starts the day by mugging people and robbing stores. He then gets in "to the death" matches where he overkills his opponent. Sub Zero sometimes even blows up military bases if he feels like it or if he's feeling mega badass, freezes them.


Sub Zero has killed Bubble Buddy for doing satanic rituals on his front yard. He then shoved a knife up SpongeBob's ass to prevent that from happening again. Sub Zero would've even killed Bubble Bass but the faggot choked own his own burger.

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