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"Veh bring ze vorld new ordah!"
– Super-Duper-Super-Man

Super-Duper-Super-Man (born 1914 age 106; short SDS) is an idiotic Nazi who knows nothing but how to say super duper super man and how to play flute.


Super-Duper-Super-Man was born in Germany, but he was so hated by his retarded face that his family decided to give him to the Area 51 where he suffered several experiments made by Mr. Roger while SDS man's family committed suicide knowing that they raised a "monster". Then Super duper super man was founded in the sewers by Adolf Hitler who took care about him because he saw something more than a shitty face in the little boy and later SDS man was enrolled to the nazi pre school but he dropped out because he was tired of his friends who told him Justin Bieber is shit. In a few words, ladies and gentlemen who are reading this, he was (brutally) raped in his childhood.


After his many failures in the nazi team and after being whipped by Hitler and Hirohito. SDS man finally got inspired to be a member when he met Hideki Tojo (one of his many girlfriends) and since then, his knowledge increased and started to know how to be the perfect soldier and how to annoy Joseph Goebbels. Later, Super Duper super man had won a contest on who plays the worst flute in a nazi contest and he said that the most wonderful thing than being a super duper super man is being a super duper super man (what an asshole). He said he could bring the world a new order in 2005 but he never did that because he is dead. Today, many scientifics discovered that he was a fan of Justin Bieber and that was the reason why everybody hated him.


  • Viacom Inc.
  • Saying Super-Duper-Super-Man

    Super Duper Super Men

  • Playing Flute
  • Being Super-Duper-Super-Man
  • Justin Bieber
  • Hideki Tojo
  • Taking bowel movements to the German national anthem.


His most epic battle!




Super-Duper-Super-Man was murdered in the dark by Antone D'kolddeath. He explained that Ratigan payed him to kill SDS Man because Ratigan was tired of SDS's personality. This started the war between SSS Squad and The Toxic Army in which SSS Squad got destroyed by Duncan.