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"What's an hour? How long is it?"
– Buu being told to wait for the booty

Majin Buu is a villain from Dragon Ball Z. He is one of the strongest villains of Dragon Ball Z besides Broly. He is obsessed with food, especially chocolate and cake. Whatever you do, don't say the "C word" when Buu is around! He did it all for a chocolate cookie! His most appearded YouTube Poop is Buu's Chocolate fetish made by AlvinYTP.



The good Majin Buu is released on Earth by Babidi. This Buu is fat and has a stupid personality, this is due to his obsession with Spaghetti and Chocolate. This form happens to be called Mr. Buu. This Buu is more badass than Goku and/or Vagina transformed Super Saiyan level 2.

PURE EVIL (not really)

The pure evil Majin Buu appears when the good Majin Buu was angry because someone stole his chocolate and in his fury, he liberated a black smoke from the great hole near to his back (If you know what is then you are a genius), this smoke was turned into a very skinny Majin Buu with a face more ugly than Mr. Roger and eats the good Majin Buu. This Buu is even much more pink and badass than the good Majin Buu.

Bad Boy

The Bad Boy Majin Buu is what comes from pure PURE EVIL Majin Buu when he raped Mandy during his wet dreams. This Buu is higher than his forms earlier and with more muscles and more testicles to masturbate, besides that he does not carry the black vest and coat. In this form Majin Buu absorbs the penises of Gotenks, Piccolo and Gohan, thus achieving more power. After absorbing Gotenks and Piccolo, he is quite more powerful than Goku Super Saiyan level 3 and even more pink than before.


Sometimes called "Kid with fists of calcium" by fans, this Buu is the original Majin Buu created by Bibidi and appears when Goku and Vegeta were released from Bad Boy Majin Buu's ass once they managed to rescue their friends. This Buu doesn't have any other feeling than evil, rape and kill to any living and non-living beings who get in his way. When he died, Kid Majin Buu reincarnated in Uub, while others say that he is reincarnated in Olunda In-Nedal.


He once was beaten by Kirby


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