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T syndrome.png
Tourette's Syndrome in all his glory.
Full Name
Background Information
Status Fucking Dead
  • Killing superheroes
  • Fapping to Mr. Incredible
  • Incest
  • Trolling
  • Money
  • Any video games and consoles except for Xbox
  • Superheroes
  • Mr. Incredible
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Frozone
  • Being confused with the lost daughter child of Vegeta and Freakazoid.
  • Xbox One, Microsoft and Bill Gates (despite the dumbass uses their products for his PC anyway)
  • Pulp Friction (see below)
Nationality Murican
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Source The Incredibles
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Religion Satanism
Physical Description
Species Human or something else
Gender Gay
Age 25
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Family His mother and (according to him) Mr. Incredible is his father.
Friends Dr. Mario, Emperor Palpatine, Barnacle Boy, Rolf
Enemies The Incredibles, Frozone, Bill Gates, Vegeta, Vince Offer
Date Joined

"My name is Tourette Syndrome! Your nemesis and... OH BOB SAGET!"
– Syndrome presenting himself to Mr. Incredible in The NONcredibles

Syndrome (also known by his real name Buddy Pine, IncrediBoy and Tourette's Syndrome) is the main antagonist of many of the The Incredibles' YouTube Poops. He always spends most of the time stalking and killing other superheroes because he hasn't anything else to do with his pathetic life.

The UNcredibles and NONcredibles

In both videos, Syndrome serves as the antagonist. In UNcredibles Syndrome started as IncrediBoy trying to work as Mr. Incredibles' sidekick, but he found out Buddy's intentions were both gay and useless. After being rejected by Mr. Incredible, he later became Syndrome and attempted to take over the world like the fucking generic Disney villain he is. He also can make his own shit explosive, and throws one into the lake where Mr. Incredible was hiding. We also find out he is a fucking troll and appears of nowhere without explanation. At the end, he successfully destroys The Incredibles' plane, but his rocket is destroyed with the omnidroid still in minutes after being launched.

In NONcredibles, Syndrome presents himself to Mr. Incredible as Tourette's Syndrome. He also reveals that he wants to sell his sex inventions to make everyone gay except for him, thus (and according to him) take over the fucking world. In the end, Syndrome tried to kidnap Jack Jack from the family only to be shot in the head by Jules Winnfield who had some issues with Syndrome over money.

"Where's my money, bitch?!"
– Jules Winnfield

The Incrediboiiiis

In The Incrediboiiiis, Buddy is so retarded that he believes himself to be Mr. Incredible's lost son, but soon finds out he is actually a fish. Afterwards, Syndrome is blasted by the omnidroid and falls unconscious but the YouTube Poop shows his point of view as a robot shutting down (foreshadowing). Later, The Incredibles figure out the babysitter isn't what he seems so they go to the house and find out Tamatoa has captured Jack Jack. While Mr. Incredible was wondering what's going on, Tamatoa explains Syndrome was a robot all along to help him accomplish his goals and escapes with Jack Jack activating a bomb that killed the incredibles.


  • Syndrome hates Xbox One while the idiot uses Microsoft Windows system for his PC.
  • He is in favor of incest.
  • In NONcredibles, it's revealed that Syndrome was responsible for the whole Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 after trying to take down Elastigirl's plane.
  • He stole Vaginia and Freakazoid's hair to make his own, but this made him look similar to Jimmy Neutron.
  • Some people believe he may have down syndrome explaining why he is called Syndrome.
  • His childhood nickname was "Dense Motherfucker".

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