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The full amount of the retarded members. Can you handle the low IQ?!

Teen Titans Go! is a Cartoon Network TV show featuring five teenage superheroes who believe it or not, cause mass destruction, rob banks, abuse each other and laze around.

All five like to kill and torture the people of Jump City. Rather than subduing their enemies, the Teen Titans kill them or leave them mentally scarred. The Teen Titans have already killed many, with notable entries including You, the original Teen Titans member, and another 4 million. If they weren't killing, torturing or abusing themselves and the citizens, they just randomly scream like the end of the world is coming (them).


The infamous Beast Boy Rape Face

The team consists of five members. Each member is a psychopath.

  • Robin - Leader. He is the greedy bastard of the group. He murders, abuses and taunts everyone when they slack off and dreams of having sex with Starfire. His biggest dream is to kill Beast Boy and dance on his grave.
  • Raven - A DARK person who thinks torture is love and life. She loves Ponies, and hates clowns. She is likely the only smart person in the group, if only the TTG writers does not decide to insult the original version of her.
  • Cyborg - Annoying ass robot human who yells for no reason.
  • Starfire - A totally stupid idiotic crap kid who doesn't know ANYTHING!!! It's likely because she is an alien but she is likely the only alien to have such low IQ.
  • Beast Boy - Lazy ass person that can turn into animals and help Cyborg annoying others for no reason. BB isn't even a hero, he is in because he just wants to rape Robin forever and get a baby with him.

Little buddies

The Titans prepare to kill and torture the people of Jump City

  • Silkie - Weird mutated worm thing, Starfire's pet.
  • Birdarang - A living boomerang just as stupid as Robin...and constantly rapes him.
  • Beat Box/BoomStaff - a living boom box with limbs and a Party goer.
  • Pain Bot - The robot that beats the living shit out of people with weapons, including the titans.
  • The Demon - Demonic entity
  • Dave the Wolf - A merciless wolf that kills people (Robin is his chew toy).


  • According to youtubers, some youtubers said this was created by Beast Boy's mind but some said it was created by Larry (alternate mini Robin from another universe), some say it's Control Freak (one of them villians) according to the actual show.