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Telamon is a former Roblox administrator he has an addiction to fried chicken. He really loves Shrek he says nobody likes Shrek more than he does. If he finds someone who does not like Shrek he will kill them with his ban hammer or sword. He has a crush on Builderman He really hates whales since he made a game called Nuke the whales.

Powers and skills

Telamon is an amazing sword fighter if you try to fight him in sword fights on the heights he will Kick the poo poo out of you. He also possess magic powers his signature Spell is the fried chicken curse he turns anyone into fried chicken with legs the victim has a chance to run and escape him before he catches them if he catches his victims he will eat them with his bare hands and makes low quality eating sounds. His other magic skills consist of him putting a Fit spell on himself because he eats so much fried chicken he does want to became fat so he put the spell on himself so he would not be fat. He does not look fat but he weighs over 9000 pounds.


  • He became a meme once (Blame John meme)
  • He is a great sword fighter
  • He was once haunted by Da-Da in his dreams
  • His favorite games are sword fights on the heights and Kid Icarus: uprising
  • His real name is John
  • he has an action figure of himself


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