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Full Name
Aliases TheMysteriousPooper
Background Information
Status Terminated
Likes YouTube Pooping
Dislikes Haters, Viacom
Source SpongeBob
Sexual Orientation
Physical Description
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Date Joined June 17, 2012
Content Sentence mixing, creepy YTPs, swearing, sex jokes
Subscribers Over 20,000
Views 4,536,669
Videos 12

ThatGuyPoops is a pooper who is starting to get known on YouTube. His most viewed video was Dying To Lie, with over 3 million views.


It's all in the pooping! Hope You All Enjoy!

More Videos? - (Yup, Next video will be a 1000 Subscriber Special. Also it's most likely gonna be 7 minutes long)

+ Questions I've been asked:

- Q. What program did you use to make your youtube poop?

- A. Sony Vegas Pro 11

- Q. How do you make your videos fullscreen (On the sides)?

- A. First off, this for Sony Vegas, here's what you do:

1. Go to any video and right click.

2. Go to "Switches" and then click on "Maintain Aspect Ratio"


- Q. Where do you get the Spongebob episodes from?

- A. Go to Google, search up the BlogspotKids for Spongebob

Haters, trolls, dislikers, etc. Here is a personal message of mine, enjoy!: ☞ ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ ☜


Thank You All So Much! I have finally reached 1000 Subscribers and I couldn't have done it without all of you guys! =] As for the 1000 Subscriber Special video, I'm afraid I haven't done much work on it, but I will sure to get started on it in a bit. Just Please be patient for a while & again, THANK YOU ALL!

- ThatGuyPoops


So far, ThatGuyPoops has over 24,000 subscribers, but has peaked and started to decline.


ThatGuyPoops's profile picture is actually from a meme called smiley terminator.

In the video, Can You Suck A Dick?, at the end it is shown that ThatGuyPoops watches Trudermark and iCeeYouP.

His channel was unfairly terminated due to copyright, however the channel can be seen here.


Video Name Views
YTP - Spingebill Goes Into A Horrifying Dimension Over 340,000 views
[100 Sub Special] Youtube Poop - Operation Grab Robo Over 140,000 views
[400 Sub Special] YTP - Spingebill And Fagtrick Rob A Bank Over 190,000 views
[700 Sub Special] Youtube Poop - Can You Suck A Dick? Over 160,000 views
Rigby Plays Slender Over 270,000 views
Youtube Poop - Spingebill's Homosexual Christmas Over 340,000 views
Youtube Poop - Fagtrick's Horrifying Thought Over 190,000 views
Youtube Poop - Just One Bitch Over 160,000 views
Youtube Poop - Dying To Lie Over 3,680,000 views
[1K Sub Special] YTP - Spingebill Loses His Sense of Mind Over 270,000 views
The YTP Reupload Trailer Unknown
YTP - Spingebill And Fagtrick Dick Wrestle At The Olympics Over 200,000 views


ThatGuyPoops' first activity was subscribing to channels such as LinkOnDrugs. He later posted YTP - Spingebill Goes Into A Horrifying Dimension on July 9, 2012. As shown on the Internet Archive, BarneyIsPerverted commented on the video. However, this was a reupload, the original being uploaded in June, along with others. ThatGuyPoops then posted other videos, including after 2012 had ended (for example, Fagtrick's Horrifying Thought). After uploading his final video, a re-upload of Spingebill Loses His Sense of Mind, he stayed completely inactive for months. On May 9, 2014, ThatGuyPoops reuploaded one of his famous poops, Spingebill And Fagtrick Dick Wrestle At The Olympics. In the description, he states that it was originally uploaded in June 2012. He was terminated on February 11, 2015, along with other Youtube Poopers.

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