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The Amalgamates are unstable, fused creatures from Undertale in the Underworld in the true lab that are grotesque looking and oddly looks familiar (possibly due for some of them that are previously unfused are family members). They are immortal, meaning only the true pacifists that enter the lab will pass it without a problem and are unstable and sort of slimy. They are unintentionally created by this same b4stard that created Mettaton.

They also regularly eat pink slime at McDonald's, but the Muricans are too busy adding red dye 40 to their food or screaming for their fries to notice.

Despite eating pink slime at McDonald's, their favorate food is Popato Chisps.

List of Amalgamates

Note that not all Amalgamates are from Undertale. Some are even from different media, such as [redacted].