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The Book of Ages (aka, the book lost in time) was the only record written at the technological and scientific height of Atlantis, and how to build and use their advancements. It is one of the most important books in the YTP World, second only to The Enclosed Instruction Book.


Near the rise of Gamelon, some Atlantans foresaw their eventual fall at the Gamelonian hands. The console of eight grouped together, and began writing their technology and how to build and use it into a book.

They soon fell, but the book was preserved. Sadly, but coincidentally, modern civilization did not find the book until we already re-invented all the things in it. FAIL!!


The predicted map

The book contained many sciences and technologies, that almost match modern civilization. The book contains the following science:

  • Evolution
  • Quantum theory
    • Many Worlds Interpratation
  • Relativity
  • Standard model
  • All other modern sciences

The following technology:

  • Computers
  • Phones
  • Basic internet
  • Space shuttles
  • Plumbing
  • All other-pre 1990s technology

Additionally, it contained a map predicting what the world would be like in 2014. While it wasn't completely accurate, it did get multiple parts correct.