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Wario never could control his evil outbursts or love of the Democrats.


The Coachman is a greedy and cruel democrat who kidnaps children (especially around the age of 4-7) to turn them into donkeys so he can give them to the democratic party as mascots, to symbolize their stupidity. He is Mario and Luigi's evil rival Wario when he is an old man.

How Wario became PURE EVIL, oh and British

Wario and Waluigi met when Waluigi was thrown in jail because the court thought he was a sex offender just by how he looked. Wario was thrown in jail for saying Mario looked fat on a photo. Mario, being a celeb and political leader could do almost anything he wanted said Wario had four years in jail and he was serving his second year, where Waluigi was in for only two years. Wario and Waluigi became best friends and when they got out they got together and created plots to defeat Mario and Luigi and take over the world. At first they thought of asking Bowser if he wanted to join, but Bowser was a lazy freeloader he would eat all their food, sleep, and then take all the credit. So Wario and Waluigi teamed up with fellow socially awkward reject, Ratigan. Ratigan and Wario went waaaay back.

Evil plan to the Destroy the YTP

Following the death of Ratigan, The Coachman was the responsible for the attitude of Smitty who was under a satanic hypnosis to control Smitty's mind.

Operation Weegee

When Smitty was freed form the hypnotic mind control, The Coachman moved on to his second plan to destroy the YouTube Poop by resurrecting the long dead Weegee. Using "The Fusion Machine", he recollected all the elements of Weegee and put them in the machine with the corpse of Weegee. The result, a "New Weegee".The Coachman was later killed by Walleo, as instructed by Weegee, who double crossed the Coachman. Walleo killed him by slicing him in half with a lightsaber.


  • Ratigan
  • Money
  • Fire
  • Burning people
  • Cash
  • Revolver
  • Raping People
  • Being Nasty
  • Turning people into Donkeys
  • The Democratic Party
  • Being a Democrat
  • Hillary Clinton
  • John Wilkes Booth



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