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The Duke of Weselton
Full Name
Background Information
Nationality Wesseltonian
Sexual Orientation
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Date Joined

The Duke of Weselton (1508-1567) was an idiot who somehow had leadership of a township (probably through incestuous monarchial lines, which also explains his low intelligence). He was murdered at the hands of Elsa during her capture of Arendelle.


The Duke of Weselton was born in Weselton. The Duke's full name was Duke of Weselton because his parents knew that one day he would take his father's place as Duke of Weselton, that and his parents had no imagination or creative ability. 

The Ice Renaissance

The Ice Renaissance was a time in history documented by the movie Frozen. The movie revolves around the Duke and his brave adventures through all the land. After inheriting his father's role as duke, Duke W. took it upon himself to travel the world slaying dragons and studying exotic toilet paper. One of the countries he visited was Arendelle, a Scananavian land where everyone spoke perfect English for some reason, and people sometimes burst into extremely high quality and very catchy song. Here he met some hot princesses and an evil hipster prince. Those people did some insignificant stuff like freezing everything and literally creating life and finding true love and stuff. Meanwhile, the Duke was aristocratically bound to pretend like he cared. He had to attend boring meetings and pretend like he was doing things, when all he really wanted to do was look for some more exotic toilet paper. All they had in Arendelle was Quilted Northern. He eventually saved the world from freezing over. Somehow the hot princesses and some guy got all the credit and he was banished, but he was still happy because he could finally get back to his studies. He felt that the whole thing was a waste of time, but at least the princesses were hot.

Later Life and Death

After Elsa started expanding Arendelle, Weselton, due to the Duke's decision, embargoed the expansionist nation. Sadly, the power of Arendelle continued to grow, and they soon declared war on Weselton. Within 3 months, Evil snowmen stormed the castle of Weselton.

The Duke locked himself in the cellar, but Elsa soon broke in. She placed him in a crystal of ice, which spread, slowly impaling the man, freezing his extremities in the process. He was on the crystal for 4 days before finally dying.

Due to the amount of pain extracted extracted in the process, Elsa used this as her primary torture tequnique for this point onward.